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6 Reasons to TEFL in Latin America

26 November 2013 If you are still toying over where to go with your TEFL certificate, discover why teaching English in Latin America might be for you! Festivals Latin America certainly does not shy away from exuberant and colourful festivals; some of which we might dare say are the best in the world. Carnival, which […]

Stuart in Shanghai and Zaragoza

The life of a TEFL teacher is far from predictable. Opportunities are vast and can take you to places you never expected. Two years ago I had an amazing experience in the metropolis of Shanghai. It was my first taste of teaching English as a foreign language and one that I will never forget. The […]

Teaching in Beijing

As most students do, I was pondering what to do when I finished university. My degree had not led me down a specific path (and that was the way I wanted it!), and I had always wanted to leave the UK and experience the world. As time marched on and I was still without a […]

Working from Home in Bulgaria

Having moved to Bulgaria in 2007 I decided I wanted to get work, but unfortunately my Bulgarian is not good enough to secure employment and so I needed something that utilized the skills I had.  I had considered TEFL before but when I looked at the vacancies it meant moving further abroad. I was eventually […]

My TEFL Experience

I have always wanted to see the world, travel and experience different cultures and ways of life. I never had a chance to take a gap year, so in my mid-twenties I decided to do a TEFL course and do just what I had always dreamed of. The course I chose was a 140-hour Premier […]

Amy’s TEFL Story

16 September 2013 I have been teaching now for four years. My exciting adventures have led me from Peru, to the exotic amazon jungle, throughout South America exploring the remarkable deserts, tropical jungle, sandy beaches and historic cities. Some places to note, that I have had the pleasure to visit include, Machu Picchu, The Amazon […]