How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter can make all the difference when it comes to applying for TEFL positions. Ensure you stand out from the crowd by following our guide on how to write an effective TEFL cover letter.


Research the company

Before beginning to write your TEFL cover letter it is vital you research the company and position. Make sure you have a good understanding of -

  • What the job involves
  • The TEFL company/school
  • Country/local area


Addressing the letter

You should always address your cover letter to the person handling applications to the job you’re applying. Normally, the name of the recipient will be in the job advertisement, but if not, do not be afraid to call the company and ask for a name. If you’re not able to find out the name of the person then Dear Sir/Madam will be best.


Writing your cover letter

Opening paragraph

Briefly explain which TEFL job you’re applying to and where you saw the job advertised.

I am applying for position of Teaching Assistant with *company name* in Barcelona as advertised on TEFL Courses Ireland Job Centre…


Second paragraph

What makes you a suitable candidate for this position? Describe your relevant qualifications and motivations for applying that may not be included in your CV.

I have been strongly drawn to Spain for a long-time and would love to immerse myself in Spanish culture by teaching English to young learners at your school. In addition, my classroom-based and online TEFL training have prepared me fully for the demands of this position…

Third paragraph

This is your chance to explain what contribution you will make to the role. Expand on information contained in your CV.

I have previous experience working with young children at my sports club. I also have experience living abroad as I spent a semester during university studying in France…


Fourth Paragraph

Reiterate interest in role and sign-off with niceties.

I strongly believe my academic, professional and personal skills are well-suited to the role of teaching assistant and as such I will make a positive contribution to your school.   I look forward to hearing back from you. Yours sincerely,


Other tips to follow

  1. Keep it concise (one side of A4)
  2. Check grammar and spelling
  3. Highlight most important points of your CV
  4. Link your skills to the role
  5. Polite and formal tone
  6. Use name of recipient if known



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