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TEFL for career changers

Have you ever interacted with a customer or sat at your desk and thought “What am I doing?”? It’s happened to all of us at some point. You’ve got the feeling that, perhaps, you’ve backed the wrong horse. You’ve stayed in a job too long, or you’ve picked a career path that, at one point, […]

Teaching English in the USA

A prevalent misconception within the TEFL world is that English-speaking countries and regions, like the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia, are out of bounds for TEFL teachers. The prevailing thought is that, well, these are English-speaking places – so why on earth would they need teachers who are skilled in giving English lessons? While […]

Our NEW Cambodia Teaching Placement

Cambodia is one of the most exciting and diverse countries to teach English as a foreign language. With a population of just under 17 million, Cambodia has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and boasts rich biodiversity, rainforests, sprawling metropolises and incredible history. As a TEFL destination, its potential is huge. The demand […]