Qualified Teachers and TEFL

Qualified Teachers and TEFL

Qualified teachers are moving abroad in droves to TEFL (teach English as a foreign language).

Benefits of TEFL for qualified teachers

While teaching here in the UK can be a stressful and bureaucratic business, there are many attractions to chucking it all in and moving abroad. There is the chance of better weather; rent-free accommodation; paid healthcare; tax-free salaries; a lower cost of living; and a bonus of paid return flights when you leave… not to mention the chance to explore and new country and meet new people! Depending where you go, you may also receive more support in the classroom from an education system that respects and recognizes teacher’s needs, and a society that holds teachers in high regard.

Getting TEFL qualified

There are many benefits of teaching English abroad, and if you are already a qualified teacher, there is hardly anything standing in your way. You will be in line for the top teaching positions due to your previous teaching experience. The chance for career progression is higher than the UK, with qualified teachers sooner becoming head teachers and heads of departments.

Most employers look for at least 120 hours of TEFL training . Qualified teachers may be interested in going for our advanced TEFL courses which specialize in certain types of teaching, such as teaching large classes, teaching business English, teaching English online. Although you will have plenty of experience in classroom management and lesson planning, it is still worth taking an accredited TEFL course  in order to get versed in the specific TEFL methodology of how to teach a English to speakers of other languages, a skill you probably have not yet developed as a qualified teacher in the UK.

Choosing where to go to TEFL

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and teach English abroad the next step is choosing a country and finding that dream job! The world really is your oyster when it comes to TEFL opportunities. Choosing where to go is really up to you. Some destinations benefit from a low cost of living and a more chilled-out lifestyle, but salaries there are unlikely to be as high as elsewhere, where the cost of living is also higher. For qualified teachers I would recommend looking at TEFL jobs in South Korea and Japan, Vietnam and Argentina… but the choice is really yours!

Finding a TEFL job

The best place to look for a TEFL job is on our online TEFL Jobs Centre . Our recommend TEFL jobs will be of particular interest to qualified teachers as these are some of the best jobs that look for the highest candidates. Failing that, a quick Google search will come up with loads of great websites with job boards where teaching positions are regularly posted. You might also want to contact employers directly through the official website of the school, university, language centre etc. Many people also look for a job once they arrive in their country of choice; just remember to bring a copy of your CV and TEFL qualification.

What’s stopping you? Kick-start your teaching career today by moving abroad to TEFL!

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