Are you looking to upskill and put yourself at the very forefront of TEFL-qualified teachers? Let us help you develop your teaching skills and add to your TEFL certification.

What better way to get your TEFL resume to the top of an employer’s pile than by completing one of our advanced TEFL/ TESOL courses. For those who have already completed their initial TEFL/TESOL certification, we have a range of courses to enhance your knowledge and develop your teaching niche.

Study at your own pace with our 24/7 accessible online advanced courses. You will be fully supported throughout your course by your own experienced personal tutor. Upon completion of our advanced TEFL courses, you will receive a digital and hardcopy advanced TEFL/TESOL certificate, outlining units and the number of hours of training you have completed. You will also gain exclusive access to our TEFL Jobs Center, updated daily, with a wide range of TEFL jobs worldwide.

Advanced TEFL Courses

Do you already have the TEFL certification? Further enhance your resume by enrolling on one of our advanced online TEFL courses.

Specialist Courses

Already have the TEFL qualification and want to stand out from the crowd? Boost your TEFL certification by taking one of our specialist courses that’ll help you craft a winning resume.

Advanced Course Descriptions

40-hour Teaching English Online Course

Our 40-hour Teaching English Online Course will help you develop your skills as an online TEFL teacher. This course supplies you with a wide range of skills to teach English online as well as the know-how to develop your very own teaching website and market yourself online.

Our course will help you create a successful model on how to teach English online. If you want to teach part-time, work for an online teaching platform or make it your full-time profession, then you will learn how to here.

Structuring online lessons is slightly different to structuring traditional classroom lessons. You will learn key insights into how to prepare lessons designed for online learning. You will gain a core framework in online English lesson preparation, including examples, so you will gain a clear understanding about the methodology of online class preparation.

As an online teacher it is important that you have an online presence too – somewhere to advertise your services, post coursework for students, videos and podcasts and perhaps even a blog. Our course will teach you how to build your own website and how to market your online business.

So, why wait any longer? Go from online teaching novice to a fully-confident online English teacher with our 40-hour Teaching English Online Course.

30-hour Teaching Business English Course

Globalization has meant that English has become the language of international business. This has created a huge demand for Business English teachers as companies want their employees to have a good level of English so they can communicate internationally.

Unlock global opportunities with this business-specific advanced course. This industry-specific course covers lesson planning, teaching business vocabulary, and includes an array of video examples of business English lessons. You will also gain key business communicative methods so you are ready to walk into your first business lesson with confidence.

From preparing to delivering Business English lessons, our course will give you strategies to create an interactive learning environment. You will learn about key communicative skills in the business setting, learn best practises about levels of formality and ways to teach effective negotiation techniques.

If you are looking to start your career in Business English, don’t wait any longer.  Start our 30-hour Teaching Business English Course today!

30-hour Teaching Young Learners Course

Are you looking to learn how to effectively give English lessons to young learners? Our course will take you through the different characteristics of young learners and how this can affect the style and content of what you teach them.

This advanced course will develop your understanding of child psychology, alongside a range of techniques and methodologies that are proven to help young learners. You will gain understanding how to create fun, engaging and effective lessons tailored to young learners.

On completion of this course, you will be proficient in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to Kindergarten and elementary learners.

40-hour Teaching Exam Preparation Course

The demand for English proficiency tests has never been higher with millions of students worldwide taking English examinations every year!

This course looks at the different types of English proficiency exams around the world, including example exam papers, so you can gain an in-depth understanding on exam specifics. You will look at case studies of English students and gain insight into selecting the appropriate English proficiency exam based on their ability and needs.

You will have a thorough look at both what you need to know as an English exam lesson teacher, and also gain lots of practical techniques and exercises you can adapt and use with your students. At the end of the course, students are given access to a range of useful resources such as practise papers and general English practise advice.

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