We have our brand new 40-hour Teaching Exam Preparation course to help you enter the fastest growing teaching English market.

The demand for English proficiency tests has never been higher! Millions of students worldwide are taking English examinations. Take our specialist Teaching Exam Preparation Course and get ahead of this rapidly growing market.

Millions, yes that’s right, millions of students take English proficiency examinations every year. 2.5 million English language learners alone take the IELTS exam annually, and that’s just one of the English proficiency examinations available! Young and adult learners need proof of their English language skills for entry into school, college and university programs, to support visa applications, as well as to improve career and international job prospects.

There is an ever-growing demand for exam preparation, as the cost of the IELTS exam is around $400 and can only be repeated after a certain amount of time. Therefore, English students worldwide are turning to teachers to get exam-specific training in the run-up to taking the exam. You can now gain specific exam preparation training with The TEFL Org.

If you decide to focus on teaching exam preparation courses, or if you work for a language or other school that wants you to do this, your understanding of teaching methodology, technique and content need to go a little deeper. To teach exam preparation lessons you need to understand the exam the students are sitting well.

In our course, you will learn how to assess your students’ current level of English is and create a course of lessons that will help them get to the level they need. You’ll gain an understanding of what popular proficiency tests involve and how to prepare your students for the assessments they will be required to complete during exams. You’ll have a thorough understanding of the different types of English proficiency exams and have in-depth knowledge, so you will be able to confidently prepare and conduct exam preparation lessons.

Where can I go with this course?

At the end of the course, you will gain certification from an internationally recognized provider. What better way to get ahead of the crowd in one of the fastest-growing teaching English markets?

You will then have exclusive lifetime access to our TEFL Job Center, giving you daily updates on worldwide jobs.

What will I learn?

  • Reasons why young and adult language learners sit exams, what students are assessed on and the format of popular English examinations
  • What English language proficiency exams are available and the similarities and differences between them
  • How to create lessons and activities to help your student develop and practice their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills

What’s included?

  • Tutor support from an experienced EFL teacher
  • All course materials
  • Two months to complete the course
  • Globally accredited provider
  • Internationally recognized TEFL certificate – hard copy & PDF
  • Lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Center

Module and unit overview

1. Introduction to English language examinations

What motivates students to sit an English proficiency exam – the different groups/types of learners who normally sit these types of exams, and why.

2. International language exams

An overview of the most popular English proficiency exams available to English language learners including IELTS, TOEFL iBT (Test Of English as Foreign Language) and those offered by Cambridge Assessment English, how students are tested and what their scores mean.

3. How to teach exam preparation classes

Assess your students’ current level of English, what gaps are in their knowledge and create lessons that will get them to where they need to be to pass the exam.

4. Practice activities

Design practical activities you can use with your students to give them really good exam practice. Ideas you can use in all lessons, not just exam preparation, to help your students to get better at reading, writing, speaking and listening.

5. Exam preparation resources for teachers

Mock examination papers and resources to help prepare you deliver great lessons for exam preparation.


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