Are you looking to teach English to young learners? Are you applying for a position in a Kindergarten or Elementary School? Do you want to develop skills on how to teach English to young learners? Then we have the course for you! Our Advanced Teaching Young Learners will demonstrate to you how to adapt and instill a sense of fun into your lessons.

Our dynamic 30-hour course covers a wide range of topics suitable if you’re looking to work as an au-pair, teach young learners online, or applying for a role in a Kindergarten or Elementary School. Focusing primarily on 5-10 years old’s, we take you through all the characteristics of different age groups and what these factors mean for your teaching methods. You will gain key insider knowledge on how to keep young learners motivated and keen to learn English. Additionally, you will learn key skills about teaching 2–5-year old’s, so you will have a broad range of knowledge across all young age groups. You will learn how to structure lessons for young learners and how to implement practical activities when teaching young learners. Stand out from the crowd with your age-specific qualification. On completion of our course, you will be sent a copy of your Advances Young Learners certificate, which you can use to impress employers globally and on your resume.

30-hour Teaching Young Learners Course Module Overview

  1. Introduction to teaching young learners
  2. Child development and teaching young learners
  3. Practical activities to use with young learners
  4. Using the internet with young learners
  5. Teaching very young learners (2 to 5-year-olds)

Why take the Advanced Young Learners Course?

English is the most predominantly spoken language in the world and parents globally are wanting to educate their children from a young age. There are plentiful opportunities to work with children once you have TEFL certification. Our Advanced Young Learners Course will give you age-specific content that you can use to make you stand out from the crowd and give you advanced preparation for a trial lesson or techniques to mention in an interview.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:
  • Theory and practice of teaching young and very young learners
  • Effective lesson planning and preparation of young learner classes
  • Dealing with behavioural issues
  • Using the internet to teach young learners

Included on the course

You are given one month from date of purchase to complete this advanced course. Completed entirely online and with 24/7 access, you can study around your existing schedule.
  • All required learning materials are included – no textbooks to purchase
  • Support from an experienced online tutor
  • Free hardcopy certificate posted to you upon completion of the course
  • Access to young learner English teaching posts on our TEFL Jobs Center



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30-hour Teaching Young Learners

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