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Online tutoring is growing – big time. In 2012 it was a £8.5 billion industry and by 2025 it’s set to be worth around £250 billion [source]. That’s a huge increase and a trend that only looks set to continue. Every year, we see more TEFL Org students take up positions teaching English online and when you consider the benefits and potential earnings involved it’s easy to understand why.

Since 2016 we’ve been running a specialised Teaching English Online TEFL course, which covers how to teach online as well as how to set yourself up as an online tutor and recruit students.

Whether you’re looking for a new job that gives you flexibility or freedom, one that allows you to earn money while you travel the world, or even just a side-job to supplement your existing income, teaching English online is a great option. Here are just some reasons why you should teach online!

Getting started is easy!

To teach English online you only need a few things: to speak English fluently, be TEFL qualified, have a computer with a decent webcam, and have access to reliable Wi-Fi. The start-up costs are low – you probably already have a computer and access to Wi-Fi, and it’s possible to get a highly accredited, internationally-recognised TEFL qualification at a great price. Plus, you can get started without having to quit your current job so there’s no risk to your finances involved either.

Supplement your income

Maybe you’re looking for a side-job rather than something full-time? If you’re just aiming to supplement your existing income with some extra work then online TEFL can be an ideal option as it’s something that can fit round your existing work commitments. How much you can earn from online teaching varies – it can depend on the type of lesson (conversational, business English, etc.), if you’re working for a company that takes a commission, and how much experience you have.

Find out more about how much you can earn teaching English online.

Try TEFL before moving abroad

Not everyone is aiming to use their TEFL qualification abroad but if you are then online teaching can be an opportunity to try TEFL first. Before you pack up your life and move abroad to take up your first full-time teaching position you can find out if TEFL is for you from the comfort of your own home. Teaching online is, obviously, quite different from teaching in a classroom, but it’ll give you a taste as well as giving you confidence in your teaching abilities.

Gain experience before you go abroad

Online teaching is a great addition to your TEFL CV and will make you a more competitive candidate when it comes to applying for positions abroad. TEFL Org qualified teacher, Emily, has taken up teaching online before starting a job with EF English first in China:

 “I’ve decided to teach online before heading out to China to teach in order to gain some more teaching experience, as well as a different teaching experience as teaching online is likely to be vastly different from my experiences so far. I took the Teaching English Online course with TEFL Org last year so I am keen to put that qualification to use too. Also, because I am teaching online with EF, it will give me an insight into the company I’m going to work for in China. I’m mainly teaching online to expand my experiences!”

You can follow Emily over on twitter and her blog!

Be a digital nomad

Since the only equipment you need is a laptop (plus webcam and microphone depending on the quality of what’s inbuilt) and access to Wi-Fi, teaching English online is something you can do while on the move. If you’re interested in the digital nomad lifestyle and earning while you travel the world then it’s a great option. Read TEFL Org graduate David’s story about being a location independent EFL teacher.

Find out more about how to become a TEFL digital nomad here.

Flexible working

Online teaching allows you to be your own boss, you can set your own schedule, take holidays when you want, and work more or less frequently when it suits you.

No dress code

Of course, you still need to look professional but you don’t need to dress as formally as you would for the classroom. And who’s to know if you’re wearing pyjama bottoms and slippers when you’re sitting down?

Fill the time between TEFL jobs or before your first job

It can be a great way of filling the gap between TEFL jobs or the period before you start your first position abroad – visas can sometimes take a little while to process and there are times when life just gets away and derails your plans! Teaching online allows you to continue working and earning as an EFL teacher.


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