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Looking to specialise in a particular area of online English tutoring, and set your own prices? AmazingTalker might be right up your street.

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When you call yourself something as bold as “AmazingTalker”, you need to have a pretty substantial voice in language learning. Luckily, with over 140 languages and subjects taught, nearly 9,000 teachers on the platform and over 2 million students using AmazingTalker, the only conclusion is that they are, indeed, substantial.

AmazingTalker, an online teaching marketplace, offers a significant volume of courses and lessons to learners. Students and tutors “match” on the service, with learners looking to study specific elements of language they’re interested in, for example, “Conversational English”, or “English for Kids”. One-to-one lessons can be based on the most general or specific of concepts, meaning that tutors can really work in the areas where they feel most skilled.

It’s also a challenge from an organisational perspective. AmazingTalker believes that tutoring is best when tailored to a learner’s particular goals and abilities. So, along with tutoring, AmazingTalker tutors have to really know their students. In the first instance, AI is used to help match tutors to students, but the role of the teacher is to foster a positive working relationship and see through a steady course of invigorating lessons.

It sounds relatively simple, and with the sheer number of students on the platform, it’s surely working. There’s much more to explore, however: for example, what kind of income is available to teachers? What are the requirements to become a tutor on AmazingTalker, and what kind of schedule does a tutor need to keep?

Let’s answer all of those questions and more!

AmazingTalker: An Overview

Founded by Abner Chao in 2016, AmazingTalker describes itself as an online teacher marketplace, based in Taiwan. Placed close to the epicentre of global English teaching - China - AmazingTalker emphasises the importance of one-to-one tutoring as the best means of language learning.

AmazingTalker offers a range of different English courses, tailored to a specific range of needs and wants. For example, there are test preparation courses for students who want to take the IELTS, or on a lesser scale, school exams. Equally, there are entire courses devoted to pronunciation, grammar elements and other specific parts of the English language, creating a diversity of options for both teachers and students. 

Even more excitingly, from a creative point of view, tutors are sometimes asked to design courses for the specific needs of a learner. Trial lessons are a useful way to talk through a student’s goals and ambitions, and if the rapport between student and teacher is good enough, students can enjoy an AmazingTalker journey that’s tailored to them. 

What are the requirements to teach with AmazingTalker?

Though AmazingTalker is a teaching marketplace, there are requirements in place. It isn’t a free-for-all, and you will need to have demonstrable teaching experience. If you’re not a native speaker of English, you will need a degree or other relevant qualifications to prove fluency.

Let’s get into the specific teach English online requirements you’ll need to meet to embark on an AmazingTalker journey.

Bachelor's degree 

In general terms, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to teach on AmazingTalker. That said, if you’re not a native English speaker, having a degree may be necessary as a way of demonstrating your English fluency.

That said, you will need to promote yourself as a teacher on AmazingTalker, and having a degree may well help in attracting clients. 

TEFL certification 

Strictly speaking, AmazingTalker doesn’t ask applicants to have TEFL certificates to teach on their platform. However, to teach English online effectively, we would recommend the completion of a TEFL course or, indeed, TEFL courses

The industry standard for TEFL certification is 120 hours, with top-of-the-range courses of this type usually taking 10-12 weeks to complete. In addition, you may have an edge on your teaching competition with an Advanced TEFL Certificate, specifically one focused on Online English Teaching

Completion of a TEFL qualification gives any prospective teacher the methodological and theoretical grounding to teach English at a high standard, impressing both employers and students alike. 


You can work as an English teacher on AmazingTalker whether you are a native speaker of the language or not. All AmazingTalker requires is demonstrable fluency in English, evidenced by either a bachelor's from an English-speaking institution or in the language itself, or an IELTS/equivalent qualification. 

Teaching Experience

You will need to have been tutoring English one-to-one for at least one year, or have equivalent classroom experience, to teach on AmazingTalker. The company’s focus is on quality, subject-specific English teaching on a one-to-one basis, so they’re more interested in experienced English teachers.

If you don’t have experience in teaching English, don’t worry! There are lots of platforms where you can teach English online with no experience.

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AmazingTalker Job Description 

First and foremost, it’s important to talk about the flexibility afforded by the AmazingTalker platform. Like other platforms, AmazingTalkers is a company with a specific emphasis on having a work life balance, and a schedule that fits around your other commitments. You will be in charge of your own hours, set the price of classes, and decide on the profile that students see on the platform.

As for the actual content of the classes? Teachers will design their own lesson plans and teaching materials. There are a range of classes that students can take, covering a variety of English language elements, and on AmazingTalker, it’s incumbent on tutors to schedule and design classes that cover a specific topic in depth.

Tutors aren’t completely left to their own devices, however. Continuous professional development (CPD) is encouraged, training is given, and teacher’s groups are formed by those teaching on the platform. 

How much can you earn teaching English with AmazingTalker?

So what kind of teach English online salary can you expect on the AmazingTalker platform?

Generally speaking, teachers dictate their salary, setting their rates based on averages from other teachers on the platform. The base rate for a 50-minute class tends to be around £12.62/$16 up to as much as £78.87/$100. 

The type of class you do, and your nationality, can have a bearing on the kind of prices you can charge. Unfortunately, it’s largely the case that teachers based in native English-speaking countries can earn more than those who don’t. As for the types of classes, there are certain subjects like GMAT Preparation and OET classes which are generally more expensive than, say, English for travel or English for beginners. 

The service’s top tutors - based on reviews and qualifications - earn as much as £159/$202 per 50-minute class. 


Like other English teaching marketplaces, AmazingTalker takes a commission, or “teacher’s fee” from your earnings. This starts at 30% and decreases based on how much a tutor earns over a month. So, the more you earn, the less you have to pay in “teacher’s fees”.

That said, Amazingtalker reviews have also featured mentions of a 10% student fee, as well as 8% fees for taxes/payment processing.

Tutors are paid on the 2nd of every month, through PayPal, TransferWise or Payoneer.

The application process for AmazingTalker

Overall, the application process for AmazingTalker is fairly straightforward and comparable to competing companies and platforms. So how’s it done? Let’s explore.

How do I apply?

First, you’ll need to prepare for a list of questions; once you go on to the AmazingTalker website and click ‘Apply Now’, some enquiries will pop up, including:

  • What is your current job status?
  • What is your monthly income goal on AmazingTalker?
  • Do you have any teaching experience?
After answering these questions, you’ll be encouraged to sign up either through your email or by linking your Facebook or Gmail accounts. Once that’s done, you’ll be asked to complete an application form, detailing:

  • Your time zone
  • Personal information
    • Profile picture (800 pixels)
    • Name
    • Nationality
    • Subject you wish to teach
    • Languages spoken
    • English expertise
  • CV
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Qualifications
  • Desired tutoring rate
  • Availability
  • Terms and Conditions

It should take between 3 days and a week for AmazingTalker to review and make a decision on your application. Should you be accepted, you’ll move on to the next stage.

AmazingTalker Demo Class

If you are given the option to teach a demo class, through the ‘Teaching Instruction Guide’ on your profile, you can set up a time and date, knowing you’ve passed the initial review to teach on the AmazingTalker platform.

Typically, AmazingTalker will provide you with a “VIP student”, but sometimes a teacher with experience on the platform will be the “student” for this particular class. You must prepare 2 subjects to teach over 25 minutes and explain your lesson plan clearly to the student at the start of the demo lesson.

The demo class will be performed on Zoom, so remember to enable call recording and ensure there’s a copy of the class on your computer. The student will be asked to review the demo class; win a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5 and you’re in! Any less, and you’ll be allowed two more attempts.

What to consider before you start

So you’ve aced the demo class, have ideas about what you want to teach, and have considered your salary in advance of starting. What should you consider before launching into that first one-to-one class on the AmazingTalker platform?


You won’t be surprised to find out that, as a teacher online, you’ll need to be up to date with the latest technology. At the very least, you’ll need a computer with a high-quality webcam, a headset (with a microphone), and a strong internet connection, with a minimum upload speed of 4.5 Mbps. For more details, read our guide to the technological requirements of online English teaching

Pros and cons

Like all the companies and platforms for English teachers on the internet, there are advantages and disadvantages. What are the biggest pros and cons that we hear about AmazingTalker, and how do they affect your opinion? Let’s have a look:


  • Flexibility: No minimum hour commitment, no problem. You can have a flexible schedule on AmazingTalker.
  • Non-native speakers can apply: Yes, you’ll need to prove fluency in English, but non-native English speakers are welcome on the AmazingTalker platform.
  • Choice: You can teach a range of different English language topics; far more flexibility and variety than is typically on offer!
  • Earning potential: Yes, it can be hard to get there, but the earning potential for top teachers on AmazingTalker far surpasses most companies and platforms.


  • Commissions: Commission fees are considerably high, especially for newcomers to the platform
  • Competition: There are a lot of teachers on the AmazingTalker platform. Competition is fierce, and it can feel impossible to earn a consistent income at the beginning of your time conducting lessons on the platform.
  • Materials: Though there’s a positive creative component to designing your own classes and teaching materials, it is time-consuming.

AmazingTalker Reviews 

So what do the AmazingTalker job reviews say online? Do teachers speak highly of the platform, or are the salary struggles at the beginning enough to ward tutors off?

On Glassdoor, AmazingTalker receives a 3.7 out of 5 rating. Tutors speak highly of the flexibility, being able to set the price of lessons and the support available from other teachers. However, the high commissions and the length of time it takes to command top rates of pay are criticised.

Meanwhile, Indeed has a lower rating of 3.1 out of 5. Here, the effect of commission rates on pay is criticised more harshly, though the relationship-building with students and the flexibility of the platform are heralded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Can you make money on AmazingTalker?

    Yes, you can set your own rates of pay and earn as much as £78.87/$100 per hour, if you’re a top tutor on the AmazingTalker platform.

  • Q. Is AmazingTalker a good company to work for?

    If you’re interested in carving a niche as an English tutor, AmazingTalker allows teachers to specialise in particular subjects and design class materials. 

  • Q. What is the requirement for AmazingTalker?

    What is the requirement for AmazingTalker?

    To teach on AmazingTalker, tutors must have relevant teaching experience or certifications. Teachers undergo a rigorous approval process, including a trial lesson. Approved tutors receive additional training to enhance their teaching skills. Tutors get to set their teaching schedule and prices, giving them flexibility and control over their earnings.