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With hundreds of thousands of students spanning across five countries, English Hunt has become one of the most popular online companies in just over 20 years. Discover what sets English Hunt apart for students and teachers.

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English Hunt has been helping language learners of all ages since 2000. Its actual name is spelled Englishunt, but it’s often referred to as English Hunt or English Hunt. The company was founded by Jung Hyun Oh, a Korean entrepreneur who wanted to provide a convenient and affordable online learning platform for Korean students to learn English online. 

Over the years, English Hunt has grown to become one of the largest online teaching companies in Korea, with over 500,000 students and 1,000 instructors. It also operates in other countries, such as Japan, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Its popularity has increased considerably especially among Chinese students. This might be due to the government's changes regarding international ESL teachers teaching English online. This has had an inevitable huge impact on Chinese online ESL companies.

English Hunt has a very strong powerful mission and vision for the future: “Potential is what makes people special. English Hunt provides quality educational resources. We believe in maximising our clients’ potential to build a better world. English Hunt provides quality educational resources.”

What are the requirements to teach with English Hunt?

Teaching English is a rewarding profession, and English Hunt maintains specific criteria to ensure quality education for its learners. These are the essential prerequisites:

Additional Requirements

In terms of equipment, you’ll need:

  • Desktop/laptop running Windows Operating System
  • Apple/Mac/Tablets/Chromebooks will not work with our classroom software
  • Headset with an attached microphone
  • Ethernet internet connection with upload speeds faster than 3.0 Mbps

You can teach without experience Live Phone classes. However, prior teaching experience is necessary for the Live Video Classes.

Bachelor's Degree

To qualify as an English Hunt teacher, candidates should hold a Bachelor's degree in any subject. Alternatively, to teach English without degree, individuals with a substitute teaching certification or four years of teaching experience may be considered in lieu of a Bachelor's degree.

TEFL Certification

A teaching certification, such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses, is a key prerequisite for any English Hunt teacher. 

Obtaining a teaching certificate (also known as ESL certificate) from a reputable provider will give you the confidence you need to start teaching to international learners, such as chinese students, Japanese students, Korean students, or all of them!


Whether you are a native English speaker or a non-native one, there's a teaching spot for you at English Hunt. Welcoming both native and non native speakers is an inclusive approach that allows a diverse pool of certified teachers to cater to a broad spectrum of learners - whether they be Japanese students or Korean students - creating a rich learning experience.

However, to be considered for a teaching position with English Hunt, you must be a US citizen, although you can live abroad. Furthermore, you must have a US bank account to receive payment, which is sent via direct deposit from a US bank.

English Hunt Job Description

As an English Hunt tutor, your primary role is to create an engaging and effective learning environment. You will be teaching English to students from all age groups, from young learners to adult teachers. The curriculum will range from free-talking (i.e. conversation classes) to test-prep instruction. 

If you are selected (or if you choose) to teach one of the Live Phone English programs, you will mostly teach college-level adults or higher. Most of these classes are based around test-prep curriculum. A single class, lecture or lesson will range from 10 to 20 minutes.

The number of hours you work are defined solely by your availability. Teachers with at least a two-hour block of availability per day are preferred. However, English Hunt offers shifts that range between one and six hours.

Specialised courses at English Hunt

The language-teaching services that English Hunt offers are comprehensive and extensive, with a range of features and tools designed to facilitate effective language acquisition and improve English language proficiency. Here are some key aspects of English Hunt's offerings:

Diverse Courses and Programs: English Hunt offers a wide array of courses and programs tailored to different levels and learning purposes. These programs include:

  • BiBoBoo English for Children: Specifically designed for young learners, this program creates an engaging and fun environment for children to start their English language journey.
  • Alphabet Hunter for Beginners: This course caters to beginners, helping them build a solid foundation in English language basics, including the alphabet and essential vocabulary.
  • Phonics Hunter for Pronunciation: Focusing on correct pronunciation, this program aids learners in mastering the phonetic elements of the English language.
  • Voca Hunter for Vocabulary: Vocabulary acquisition is crucial for language proficiency. The Voca Hunter program enhances learners' word knowledge and usage.
  • Flexible Learning Modes: English Hunt's online platform supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning modes, allowing students to choose the style that suits their preferences and schedules. This flexibility ensures that learners can adapt their English learning to their unique needs and lifestyles.
  • Interactive Games and Activities: To make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable, English Hunt incorporates interactive games and activities into their programs. These activities not only reinforce language skills but also make learning English an enjoyable process.

How much can you earn teaching English with English Hunt?

With English Hunt, teachers are not allowed to set their own rates. However, the pay is worked out individually, depending on the program you teach and the number of hours per week you work, of course. To give you an idea, the hourly rate for online English teachers with video lessons starts at $16, which many English teachers find is an adequate pay rate.

As well as teaching English online, you could earn an extra income by writing and/or editing original lesson content, reviewing student essay submissions, voice recording/acting, etc.. However, these opportunities are given on a merit basis.

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The Application Process for Open English

If you're ready to embark on your journey as an online English tutor with English Hunt, here's a step-by-step guide on how to apply and the hiring process:

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, you should simply follow the instructions via this link and send your application.

After completing your application, a member of the recruitment team will be in touch with you by phone or email to arrange an interview.

Interview Process

If your interview is successful, you will attend live free training with English Hunt trainers, where you will be briefed on class procedures and curriculum. All training is carried out using the company’s virtual classroom.

Once the training is over, you will be asked to deliver a mock class based on a sample lesson plan that is provided to you. This will give your trainer the opportunity to assess your teaching skills and to ensure that your tech equipment works well.

Congratulations! You are now an English Hunt teacher and you will be assigned a student list. 

What to Consider Before You Start

Before you begin your online teaching journey with English Hunt, it's essential to consider several factors:

  • Determine the Number of Available Hours: While English Hunt offers flexible hours and the opportunity to set your own schedule, establishing a consistent work routine of online classes that aligns with your availability is crucial. If you are based in the US and your students are in South Korea, you need to keep in mind the time difference. Typical peak times for the instructors are 4 am - 11 am, 4 pm - 8 pm, and 11:00 pm to 4:00 am (all listed EST).
  • Ensure You Have the Right Equipment: A reliable computer with a stable internet connection, a headset, and a webcam are essential to teach English remotely effectively.
  • Familiarise Yourself with Materials and Methods: Effective lesson preparation is vital. Although curriculum and materials are ready made for you, you must ensure that you are prepared for your lessons. Make sure to become acquainted with the lesson plans and methods provided by English Hunt.
  • Adopt a Student-Centred Approach: English Hunt emphasises a student-centred teaching method. Be prepared to design lessons and activities based on the students' individual needs, interests, and preferences. Your role is to guide, support, and facilitate their learning.
  • Maintain Professionalism: Always be punctual and maintain a professional demeanour during lessons. Your reliability and professionalism are essential for success as an English Hunt Academic Specialist.

English Hunt Pros and Cons

Before embarking on your journey with English Hunt, it's important to weigh the pros and cons.


  • Flexible Work Hours: As with many other online language platforms, English Hunt hires you as an independent contractor, allowing you the freedom to work remotely from the comfort of your own home. One of the primary advantages of tutoring with English Hunt is the flexibility it offers in terms of work hours.
As an online English tutor, you have the autonomy to set your schedule according to your availability. This flexibility allows you to balance your teaching responsibilities with other commitments, making it an attractive option for those with varying schedules.

  • Competitive Pay Rates: Although there are other platforms that focus on Japanese students and Korean students, few companies offer TEFL jobs online where the pay per hour is tailored to each individual tutor. Although teaching English online salaries can vary, English Hunt offers competitive pay rates for its teachers overall.

The compensation is typically based on your qualifications, experience, and the number of hours you commit to teaching. This can be especially appealing for educators looking to supplement their income or make teaching English a full-time profession.

  • Opportunity to Interact with Diverse Students: English Hunt's platform provides you with the opportunity to interact with students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Teaching learners from various parts of the world not only enriches your teaching experience but also broadens your cultural understanding and communication skills.
  • Access to Teaching Materials and Resources: English Hunt provides access to a range of lesson plans and materials to teach English online. These resources are designed to support your lessons and help you create effective and engaging teaching materials. Having ready-made materials at your disposal can save you time and effort in lesson planning.


  • Unsociable Teaching Hours: Online English tutoring with English Hunt often involves unsociable teaching hours, which can be considered a drawback for some individuals. The typical peak times for instructors fall within the following windows: 4 am - 11 am, 4 pm - 8 pm, and 11:00 pm to 4:00 am (all listed in Eastern Standard Time, EST). These hours can be challenging, especially if you prefer a more traditional 9-to-5 work schedule
  • Restrictive Eligibility Requirements: English Hunt has relatively strict eligibility requirements for prospective tutors. They typically accept only US citizens who hold a bachelor's degree or possess previous teaching experience, along with a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. While these requirements are in place to ensure the quality of instruction, they can limit the pool of potential instructors, excluding individuals from other countries who may be equally qualified and passionate about teaching

English Hunt Teacher Reviews

The general consensus from teachers about working for English Hunt is very positive: this is a good ESL company to work for.

It is described as a company that “has a positive work environment, supportive staff, and diverse clientele.”

It is also mentioned that “English Hunt offers a flexible schedule, travel opportunities, professional development and a competitive pay rate per hour.”


All in all, English Hunt offers a comprehensive and dynamic platform for online ESL learners such as Japanese, and Korean students, where there's a wide range of courses to choose from, like conversational English in a one on one format, for example. However, in most classes teachers are likely to teach adults.

Teaching English as a second language with English Hunt is a dynamic and rewarding opportunity that can enrich your teaching experience while helping learners worldwide enhance their language skills. Furthermore, the flexible working hours, a competitive pay per hour, and the interactive learning tools make teaching English online at English Hunt one of the best teaching jobs available out there. By meeting the online ESL platform's requirements, such as holding a TEFL certificate, and understanding the job description, you can embark on a fulfilling journey as an English Hunt tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How much does English Hunt pay?

    English Hunt pays a flat rate of $16/£12.50 per hour for teaching English online. This falls within the middle range for similar online teaching jobs. They typically offer part-time schedules with 8-12 hours a week available. This means you can roughly expect to earn between $128 and $192/£99 to £150 per week.

  • Q. What is the best platform to teach English online?

    There isn't a single "best" platform to teach English online. The best choice depends on your experience, qualifications, and teaching preferences. Some platforms prioritize conversation practice, while others offer structured curricula or alternative learning techniques using AI or "gamification". Pay rates and work schedules also vary. We recommend that you research several platforms to find the platform that best suits your needs.

  • Q. How can I tutor English online?

    There are two main ways to get started. You can work with established online teaching companies that provide teaching materials and connect you with students. Or, you can build your own student base by freelancing on online platforms. Whichever path you choose, it's vital you get a TEFL certificate to boost your credibility and knowledge, while opening more doors to great jobs.

  • Q. Do I need TEFL to teach English online?

    You should get a TEFL certificate to teach English online. The industry standard is 120 hours of training, and it's crucial to get your TEFL qualification from an accredited, reputable provider. Not only does a TEFL certification course give you all the preparation you need to teach, they're also vital for impressing employers and clients when it's time to start finding work.