Key information

What’s included?

Everything here is included as part of your teaching placement:

  • Starting salary of KRW 2,100,000 – 2,300,000 (approx US$20,000-25,000 | GBP 15,000-18,000) per year

  • All contracts are for a minimum of 12 months, and are renewable

  • Furnished housing for the duration of your teaching contract

  • Flight reimbursement

  • Paid holidays

  • 50% contribution towards health insurance coverage

  • RRP £1,395 Special introductory price just £995

Programme eligibility

To apply for our teaching placement in South Korea, applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Passport holder of any of the following countries:
    United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland

  • A bachelor’s degree holder in any field of study

  • 120-hour TEFL certificate
    (don’t have a TEFL qualification yet? Don’t worry! We recommend our 120-hour Premier Online TEFL Course – it’s 100% online and entirely self-paced)

  • English is your first language

  • Be in good physical and mental health

  • A clean criminal background check

  • Be willing to commit to a teaching placement for at least 12 months

Our previous teachers in action

How to apply

Application Dates

Applications are open year-round. We recommend applying as soon as possible as on average it can take from four to six months from application to start a teaching placement.

Deposit Payment

Sign up to our Teaching Placement in South Korea with a 50% deposit.
This allows you to make a start on your 120-hour Premier Online TEFL Course and complete the application and any required paperwork. Once your application has been approved, we will get back in touch to collect the remaining balance.

Application Process

Email our team on and speak to a TEFL adviser who will guide you through the booking process and ensure all your questions are answered. You can also get in touch via live chat.

RRP £1,395
Special introductory price just £995

Email     Chat to a TEFL adviser now


You’ve all been great. I can’t thank you enough. My life in Korea has been a pretty smooth transition. I’ve made friends, travelled around, found a gym, football team and a barbers! It’s almost feeling normal after just one month. Long may it continue. Thank you everyone.


What I found to be the most beneficial is that the team was reachable. By this I mean that if I had any questions or concerns I was able to send them an email and would get a quick response. Also, the constant check-ins to see how the paperwork is going made the process much easier.


The communication was phenomenal. They were there to answer any and all questions. They were patient to answer repeat questions as well


My coordinator took such a personal approach with both of us – he drew on his own experience and really effortlessly eased and addressed all of our concerns. Both of us felt very supported through what could have been a very confusing time.


Additional Notes

Quarantine for South Korea:

Private schools – Quarantine Accommodation is usually arranged and covered by the school (unless otherwise arranged and discussed with the teacher). Food and other essential household items will be arranged and purchased before their arrival by the school, but these 2 expenses will need to be paid back to the school and are not included for free.

Public Schools – Quarantine will be done in a government hotel, and the cost needs to be paid up front by the teacher and is not reimbursed. This is around US$1400-1500 for the 2 week period. This amount covers everything and the quarantine includes full board and lodging.

Additional costs to consider

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Work visa
  • Money to cover first months’ expenses
  • Bills
  • PCR testing

Intake Dates/Hiring Times

The South Korea program does not have any specific intake dates, as we are able to do placements throughout the entire year. Having said that, there are a few peak and low hiring times. They are:

Public Schools

Only 2 intakes per year and applications open about 6-7 month in advance for these programs

Spring – March 1st contract start Fall – September 1st contract start

Private Schools

Positions year round and applications take about 3-5 months from sign up to arrival

Peak contract starting times February – April and August – October Low Contract starting times December – January and June – July

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Apply Now

RRP £1,395
Special introductory price just £995

Email our team on and speak to a TEFL adviser who will guide you through the booking process and ensure all your questions are answered.
Alternatively you can also get in touch via live chat.

Email     Chat to a TEFL adviser now

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