TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic

TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic are sought after by many, making for a more competitive market. While there are entry-level positions to be found, newly-qualified EFL teachers should be prepared to persevere in their job search.

You’ll find that many TEFL jobs involve working with adult learners, so some understanding of Business English would be beneficial. However, there are opportunities to teach younger learners and teenagers, which is a growing market.

Prague is undoubtedly the most popular location in the Czech Republic to TEFL. For those with their hearts set on the capital prepare for stiff competition! But there are jobs to be found elsewhere in the country (and even better wages), so for inexperienced teachers it can be a good idea to look elsewhere.

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Where to find work in the Czech Republic

Hiring preference is given to those who are already resident, but if you’re well-qualified and experienced don’t hesitate to send speculative emails from home. This is particularly true of more competitive roles where the company will be casting a wider net, such as a university or private school position. If you aren’t experienced or qualified finding a TEFL job in the Czech Republic will require some perseverance and your chances are greatly increased if applying on the ground.

Low-paid summer camp jobs can be a good way in if you aren’t experienced and give you a taste for the country. To teach freelance, you must apply for a business licence (zivnostensky). Salaries in Prague are sometimes lower than other cities despite a higher cost of living, so it can be worth considering locations elsewhere in the country. Full-time contracts often run for 10 months, leaving you free to work at a summer school or enjoy travel before your next position.

Employers in the Czech Republic

State primary and secondary school teachers are often hired through AIA, although there are fewer positions these days. An English subject degree and experience are necessary, as is a teaching qualification. 10-month contracts.

CloverLeaf will accept applications from non-native English speakers (CEFR level C1 or above), 2-3 years of experience required.

Expats is a great website to either list your teaching credentials on the Teachers page or to scroll through the jobs section, which often has kindergarten or pre-school listings.

International House offer 10- or 12-month contracts, 10,000 – 14,000 krone per month (before tax) plus bonuses, health insurance, and shared accommodation. Primarily adult students, about 22 contact hours a week. Degree and CELTA or equivalent.

Lexis accepts CV applications by email.

Spevacek hires TEFL qualified teachers for 10-month contracts, 17 to 25 hours per week based on experience level, 23,000 krones per month (before tax) recruiting in June-August

Check out the The TEFL Org jobs centre for teaching positions in the Czech Republic.

Watts English is a British company that runs summer camps in several locations.

On the Yellow Pages search for ‘jazykove skoly’ plus the city you’re interested in for TEFL school listings.

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