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Browse the countries below and learn more about the incredible opportunities to teach English abroad. Check out country guides packed with useful information and view the available jobs listed over on our TEFL Jobs Centre.


A country with deep culture and a wide range of natural beauty, Argentina is a fascinating country in which to begin your TEFL career. Imbue your career with a sense of adventure! See our latest TEFL jobs in Argentina by clicking on the link below.


Bahrain is one of the most interesting countries in the Middle East, an underrated gem of a country. Click below to find TEFL jobs in Bahrain.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Described as 'a country still in the process of healing,' Bosnia and Herzegovina's increased stability drives its demand for TEFL. Click below for TEFL jobs in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, or check our guide for a first-hand record of teaching English in the country.


One of the most exciting countries in the world for teachers, check out the TEFL Jobs in Brazil available to our students today in our Jobs Centre.


Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, how about teaching there? We're advertising great TEFL Jobs in Bulgaria at the moment, find one today!


Home to what many consider the eighth wonder of the world, Cambodia is the perfect place for TEFL teachers to get in touch with long-forgotten history and culture. See the highest and lowest points of human history in a country that welcomes new TEFL teachers. Click the jobs link below for latest TEFL opportunities in Cambodia!


Chile is a fascinating country in South America. Read all about it with our country guide, then get yourself a TEFL job in Chile with the links below.


China is easily one of the most popular destinations for our students, and for good reason! Follow the links below to read up on our TEFL guide to China and then find a job teaching English there.


A TEFL Org certificate could be your ticket to teaching in Colombia. Check out why with our country guide, then get yourself a teaching position with our TEFL jobs centre.

Costa Rica

The 'Rich Coast' sits on both the Caribbean and Pacific, well out of the way of hurricanes, and has an amazing culture to explore. You can apply for a TEFL job in Costa Rica today with our job centre.

Czech Republic

Your doorstep to Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is a great place to teach English in a historic country. Our blog tells you all you need to know about teaching there before you check out our jobs in the Czech Republic.

Dominican Republic

Taste the Caribbean life on your TEFL travels by teaching in the Dominican Republic. Our country guide has more information, Then you can pick one of the TEFL jobs we have available in the Dominican Republic.


In Ecuador, you can experience the tropical majesty of the Amazon and the natural haven of the Galapagos. Imagine living there; you can with a TEFL job in Ecuador! You can also find out more about the 'Land of the Equator' in our helpful blog article.


High standards of living, beautiful scenery, and plenty of opportunities for TEFL. What's not to love? Check our country guide and TEFL job opportunities using the links below!


One of the closest TEFL destinations for UK teachers, France has a lot to offer. Our Job Centre has regular openings in France, so check openings and our country guide for tips to find a real joie de vivre!


Bordering the Black Sea and in the Caucasus, Georgia is an idyllic location to teach, and is quickly becoming a popular TEFL destination. Check our country guide and Job Centre for more information about TEFL positions in the country.


The central business hub of Western Europe, Germany is a great place to visit, and an even better place to teach English! Our country guide has more information, or check open TEFL positions below.


Guatemala is a country with a vibrant culture, with both the Spanish and Mayans leaving their mark over the centuries. You could teach there with one of our available TEFL positions in Guatemala, click the following link to view available jobs. You can also find out more about teaching in the country with our guide below.


An exotic Central American country, Honduras is a great place to teach English for those who want a change of lifestyle. Learn more about the country with our TEFL country guide and look over our TEFL Jobs in Honduras in our job centre.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great mix of modern Western and Chinese cultures, and a great place to be an English teacher. Read our guide on what to expect and then apply or a TEFL job in Hong Kong through our job centre.


Teach English in one of the most beautiful countries in central Europe with a TEFL Job in Hungary! You can find out more about teaching there in our blog's guide to TEFL in Hungary.


With the second highest population in the world, there are millions of people looking to learn and improve their English in India. Our blog can tell you more about TEFL in India, and our job centre can point you towards a job teaching English in India.


Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries you're ever likely to visit, making it a great place to teach. Find out more about the archipelago in our country guide, below, or find yourself a job there via our TEFL Job Centre.


Iran is a really exciting place to teach English, especially if you are interested in the Middle East and its culture. With culture stretching back millenia and breathtaking scenery, Iran is a good place to start for ambitious and adventurous teachers. Check out our TEFL Jobs in Iran below.


Despite being a largely English-speaking country, Ireland still offers opportunities to teach English to immigrants or over the phone. We also offer courses in Ireland, so you may get your certification and your job in the same city! Find some TEFL Jobs in Ireland in our jobs centre by following the link below.


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Western Europe, and plenty of opportunities to teach English there with a TEFL Org certificate. Find out more about TEFL in the country with our country guide, and apply for one of the TEFL positions available in Italy in our Job Centre.


The Land of the Rising Sun is one of our students' most popular TEFL destinations, with it's culture and lifestyle drawing thousands of English teachers. You could join them with a TEFL Job in Japan! If you want to know more, read about teaching English in Japan using the guide below.


Kazakhstan is at the crossroads of Western Asia, with Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern culture converging in the stunning country. Find out more about teaching in this alternative TEFL destination with country guide to Kazakhstan, then search for TEFL Jobs in Kazakhstan via our job centre.


Almost the perfect place to experience a true African lifestyle, Kenya is a fantastic place to teach English. Get yourself a job teaching in Safari country with our TEFL Job Centre, through the link below.


Laos is an alternative TEFL destination, for people who want to visit unspoiled south-east Asia. It is the one of the last remaining Communist countries, and has a unique culture from its time under French rule. Get yourself a TEFL job in Laos in our TEFL Job Centre, or read more about teaching English in the country with our guide below.


Madagascar is a beautiful country, with some of the world's rarest plants and animals, and a simple lifestyle. It's the perfect place for a change of pace if that's what you want to get out of TEFL. Find yourself a TEFL job in Madagascar today with our job centre, follow the link below!


Malaysia has everything you would want out of a TEFL destination: a great culture, stunning landscapes and modern cities to visit! Pick up a job as an English teacher in Malaysia from our TEFL Job Centre to get your teaching career going!


Mexico is a brilliant place to be an English teacher, with breathtaking sights, ancient cities and a unique culture to experience. Check out our guide to TEFL in Mexico in our blog, then find yourself a TEFL job in Mexico on our jobs page.


Despite being so close to Europe, Morocco is a distinctly African country, with a blend of culture like no other. Learn more about the exciting life of teaching English in Morocco in our country guide, and then pick a TEFL job in Morocco to get the ball rolling on your TEFL journey to Morocco.


There has never been a better time to accept a TEFL job in Myanmar, with recent government reforms making the country far more open and welcoming to Western visitors. English is in growing demand, and schools in Myanmar are desperately looking for English teachers to provide this education.


Teach English at the top of the world by choosing Nepal as your TEFL destination! Find out more about what it's like teaching English in the Himalayas with our blog's guide. Check out the latest TEFL positions in Nepal with our job centre.


Get a taste of the tropics with a TEFL career in Peru, where steady economic growth has nurtured a demand for TEFL instructors in both urban and rural areas. Delve into a country with 5000 years of history, see our link below for the latest TEFL jobs in Peru.


Poland is undergoing a large expansion since its admission to the EU in 2004, and English is in more demand than ever. Find out the prospects of teaching English in Poland with our guide to TEFL in country, then find a TEFL job to suit you in Poland with our job centre.


Sink your teeth into a country rich with folklore and legend - including Dracula! TEFL instructors are welcomed with open arms in Romania, and there's a smile around every corner. See our latest TEFL jobs in Romania by clicking on the link below.


Russia ranks among the most interesting TEFL destinations, being a country with a fascinating past and an exciting present. The links below feature a guide that will tell you more about teaching English in Russia, and our job centre that will help you find a TEFL job in Russia that suits you!

Saudi Arabia

English teachers are highly sought after in Saudi Arabia, meaning that it is a great place to go if you are interested in the Middle East. Give our guide to teaching English in Saudi Arabia a read if you want to teach there, and then find yourself a job by visiting our TEFL Job Centre!


A self-sufficient archipelago well off the coast of Africa, Seychelles is paradise come true. The country is seeking TEFL instructors to boost its tourist economy, so take the opportunity to teach in an island paradise while you can! See our link below for new TEFL jobs in Seychelles.


Slovakia may be off the beaten tourist path, but it's well deserving of its title as 'The Heart of Europe.' A small country with breathtaking scenery and welcoming attitude to TEFL teachers, find out more about teaching there with our guide to the country. You can find a TEFL job in Slovakia today via our own TEFL job centre, click our link below!

South Korea

One of the most common TEFL destinations, the Asian Tiger of South Korea is still roaring, offering brilliant opportunities to those who want to teach English there. Learn more about the country with our TEFL guide to South Korea; and get yourself a job there with our TEFL jobs centre's South Korea section.


A perennial favourite with our students, Spain offers you the chance to teach English in the sun, and not too far from home! Find out more about teaching English in Spain via our great country guide. Or, find yourself a TEFL job in Spain with our TEFL Job Centre.

Sri Lanka

A naturally beautiful island at the foot of India, Sri Lanka is emerging from difficult times, and you could be there to help them! Check out our guide to teaching English in Sri Lanka for more information, or jump to our job centre to find yourself a TEFL job in Sri Lanka.


A country emerging from a difficult period, Sudan is a great place to teach English if you want a rewarding experience of helping people. Find yourself a TEFL Job in Sudan in our job centre.


Taiwan is an interesting small country off the coast of China. With elements of Chinese culture, and it's own independent lifestyle, it's a great place to teach English for something different. Learn more about Taiwan in our country guide, then apply for a job teaching English in Taiwan via our TEFL job centre.


Climb Kilimanjaro and safari in the Serengeti in your spare time as you teach English in Tanzania! Read more about this glorious TEFL destination with our guide to the country. Check out the TEFL jobs we have available in Tanzania in our job centre, linked below.


A very popular destination for TEFL students; Thailand is a great place to enjoy a beautiful country with a fascinating culture whilst teaching English. Learn more about Thailand in our TEFL blog, then check out the Thailand jobs available to our students in our TEFL Jobs Centre.


Straddling the line between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a fusion of cultures which produces an exciting place to live and teach. Read more about what to expect from TEFL in Turkey with our country guide, available below. Or, find yourself a TEFL Job in Turkey with our TEFL Jobs Centre.


Teach English in the emerging nation of Ukraine if you are interested in helping students in Eastern Europe improve their English skills to improve their job prospects. Find yourself a TEFL Job in Ukraine today by visiting our jobs centre, or check our country guide below.

United Kingdom

Travelling abroad to teach isn't for everyone, especially when you have good opportunities to TEFL in the UK! Learn a little more about teaching English as a foreign language in the UK with our blog's guide. You can find teaching positions in the UK with our TEFL Jobs Centre.


South America's smallest country has always been somewhat of an underdog, but is emerging as a fantastic place for TEFL teachers. Safe, sunny, and progressive, the country has plenty to offer TEFL teachers. See available jobs in Uruguay through our jobs link below!


Vietnam is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world, with some of the most amazing sights you'll ever see. Imagine living there, not just paying a visit! Check out our guide to teaching English in Vietnam to find out more about what to expect as an EFL teacher there. Find yourself your own TEFL job in Vietnam in our TEFL Jobs Centre.

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