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Do you dream of teaching English in Hungary?

TEFL jobs in Hungary

There's plenty of work to be found in Hungary but be prepared for low wages. Teachers in Hungary typically aren't very well paid, with many opting to supplement their income with private classes or additional work at language schools.

Young people aiming to go on to study at university or college are required to have a certain level of English, which means there are plenty of teens looking for tutors. Bilingual schools ( gimnazia ) operate throughout the country and are a good place to look for work - they are legally required to hire a native English speaker.

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Where to find work in Hungary

While there are often jobs available in several teaching sectors, it can be tricky for TEFL teachers in Hungary to find work. State schools and other similar positions aren’t often advertised or easy to get wind of, with schools sourcing teachers through other organisations. It’s often easier to find work on the private market, with roles in private language schools teaching Business English or offering extra lessons to children with keen parents. While roles are available across the country, teaching positions in Budapest are most numerous and easy to find. If you’re keen to get to Hungary, don’t hold out for the perfect job – get what you can and then you’ll have a better idea of where to go and how to find out about jobs once you’re in the country and have the advantage of interviewing in person.

Employers in Hungary

The American International School of Budapest  hires in November/December. They teach kids aged 3-18 from international backgrounds.

Angol Intézet  hires freelance and contracted teachers who are experienced, qualified and can agree to give a demo lesson as part of the interview. Housing is provided for the first 2 weeks while you search for somewhere to rent. EU citizens, native speakers, 2-3 years’ experience preferred.

Advertise your freelance teaching availability on Angol Tanarok  for a small fee, making it easier to pick up local students for freelance lessons.

Bilingual  hires teachers and assistants for their classes, teaching kindergarten to teen aged students in partnership with local schools. Native or bilingual of CEFR C2 ability, and while a degree and TEFL are ideal they’re not listed as essential. Competitive salary plus housing included.

Budapest Jobs  allows you to upload your CV or search current listings.

Apply with your CV to Budapest Afterschool , which predominantly teaches kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, and some adult classes. You must have a degree, TEFL qualification, and at least 1 year of experience for this freelance role. Classes are 90-minutes in small groups, and described as creative and hands-on. They also run summer camps.

The Central European Teaching Program  runs a placement scheme with a fee of $1,500 - $2,500, depending on how long you go for and who/where you teach. Native teachers with a degree, TEFL certificate (40 hours minimum) and a little experience (20 hours minimum) can apply for positions teaching up to 26 hours per week. Pay is around $500 per month, plus free furnished accommodation with utilities included, as well as health insurance and help with other documents.

Converzum  hires TEFL teachers with a degree – scroll down to the ‘teaching is fun’ section on the English version of the website. Part-time and full-time roles, training available.

Funside Summer Camps  hire TEFL qualified native teachers (at least 20 years old, applicants in their 20’s preferred to older candidates) for their intensive summer camp roles, including both teaching and pastoral duties. Accommodation and meals included, apply in February.

Karinthy Frigyes Gimnázium  is a bilingual school in Budapest, hiring native speakers with a TEFL certificate or an MA in English. Contracts are for 1-2 years, 22 lessons per week. Accommodation included.

Open Mind Education Center  hires those with a degree and a passion for teaching on 1-2 year contracts, 35 hours per week.

Check the TEFL.org Jobs Board  for current listing of jobs in Hungary.

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Hungary Country Guide

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