tefl franceBeing just across the English Channel from us, France is certainly one of the closest destinations you could visit to teach English, and perhaps one of the best. The country has a unique culture that is famous the world over. Famous places such as Paris and the French Riviera mean that France attracts tourists from all over the world.

You can visit these places whilst being a TEFL teacher! Demand for English teachers is constant in France, as they look to learn the language to maintain close ties with their neighbours across the English Channel.

If you’d like to know more on how to teach English in France, why not have a read of our excellent blog post about the subject, as well as a story from a graduate one of our TEFL courses.

If you’re interested in teaching English in France, look at the jobs we are advertising below.

Not got your TEFL certificate yet? Visit our course options page and choose a TEFL course to get you the qualification you need to teach English in France.

Unfortunately we don't currently have any jobs available in France. Our job centre is updated daily so check back soon!

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