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Find out everything you need to know about TEFL jobs in France with this helpful country guide.

TEFL jobs in France

France is the most visited country in the world, with around 90 million people visiting every year. Given it's one of the most sought after destinations by tourists it should be no surprise that so many are also drawn to teach English in France. The market is competitive, but you'll find in France that experience and qualifications won't necessarily trump enthusiasm and professionalism, meaning recently-qualified EFL teachers with just a year of teaching experience under their belt stand a chance of finding work.

For those with the ambition to teach English in France it's advisable to search for work from within the country - applications from abroad are unlikely to be successful. Employers will rarely hire without seeing you in person.

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Where to find work in France

France’s proximity to the UK means that a large number of TEFL teachers employed there are of the British English variety. In some small circles in France there is a preference for North American English accents, and so American applicants can seek out work through those niche placements. As France is a popular TEFL destination, many schools are flooded with applications, making competition fierce. For the most part, schools prefer to hire teachers who are already living locally. With such a wide pool of teachers nearby, there’s no need to import teachers from other locations when someone just as skilled can be found nearby.

Employers in France

A great way to get into the country is through an assistantship programme. The Centre International D'études Pédagogiques has thousands of assistant teacher roles for under-graduates or graduates (ages 20 to 35), who can work a short academic year (about 7 months) in a primary or secondary school. Assistants require a working knowledge of French – a skill that will boost your chances of employment for any TEFL role in France.

If you know which city you want to work in, search online for ‘Écoles de Langues’ along with the name of your city to find TEFL positions in that locality.

The best place to find information about French language schools is the Yellow Pages ( ambition to teach English in France ).

For those seeking professional, full-time and higher-level positions rather than freelance opportunities, a membership to TESOL-France is invaluable. For €49 a year (or €27 if unemployed/a student) you will be added to a mailing list receiving a weekly digest of exclusive jobs, such as positions at universities. You also get access to workshops, The Teaching Times magazine, and networking with other professionals.

We regularly have openings for positions in France on The TEFL Org Jobs Centre .

Summer camp positions are another good way to get access into the country and gain experience. American Village Camps is a popular provider of camps for children in France. ESL classes take place alongside fun activities and pastoral duties.

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France Country Guide

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