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It’s worth putting in the time to do proper research when applying for a TEFL job in Egypt. There’s plenty of work out there, but the professionalism of some schools are dubious to say the least, and while ‘back-street’ schools might offer an easy opportunity to teachers with fewer qualifications or years of experience, it might be a decision you live to regret if you end up working somewhere that seems too eager to hire. If you decide to take on one-to-one tutoring either to supplement your income or as a full-time role, you may find that business fluctuates throughout the year – parents are particularly keen to enrol their kids in private lessons as exams approach, but not necessarily for the rest of the year.

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Where to find work in Egypt

The easiest place to find work is in Cairo, where it’s not uncommon to be approached on the street by people wanting a few lessons – particularly those in the tourism industry. When you go for an interview, remember that your experience and qualifications are important but coming across as a confident and outgoing personality is what will win you the role. If you plan to travel on a tourist visa and just seek out work through word of mouth, head to the El Horreya Café (downtown Cairo) or the Ace Club (Maadi) to find expats and people in the know. A tourist visa costs $25 on arrival, or a multiple entry is £32 for six months max. Business visas are available with a letter of invitation. Please bear in mind that, for visa reasons, teachers over 60 years of age won’t be granted the right to work.

Employers in Egypt

The American University is highly selective and only offers a few interviews per month, so only apply if you tick all the boxes, and then some. However, hang out around the university and you’ll likely meet plenty of students wanting part-time tutoring.

AmidEast prefers a North American accent but all native English speakers are welcome to apply. You need a CELTA/TESOL, a university degree and preferably 2 or 3 years of experience (teaching adults). Contracts are term-to-term depending on requirement, up to nine sessions per year. 8-15 hours per week, for five weeks. Pay is $5.50 – $8 per hour, or contracted teachers earn $13 per hour.

The British Council has been in Egypt for longer than it has been anywhere else outside of the UK. The Cairo branch opened in 1938 and is now part of a network of over 200 offices worldwide.

The Egyptian American Center is based in Alexandria. They offer language courses to students of all ages and levels.

The El Alsson British and American International School was established in 1982 and offers tuition for children aged 3 to 18 years old. The school offers both British and American curriculum, and teachers should be qualified from their respective home country to teach their own curriculum, as well as having a minimum of three years’ teaching experience.

The International School of Egypt is a student-centred school with excellent facilities and resources on hand.

The International British School of Alexandria is looking for enthusiastic, energetic and hardworking teachers who are native English speakers, have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching qualification. A minimum of 2 years full-time teaching experience preferred but inexperienced QTS teachers will be considered. Teachers receive a tax-free salary, accommodation allowance, return airfare at the start and end of your contract, transport to and from school, local health insurance, and paid summer vacation.

Kids Planet Nursery is based in Cairo and caters for children aged from three months old up to five years old. They follow the Jolly Phonics program and teach in English and French.

The Oxford English Academy has been running in Egypt since 2016. Teachers must be fluent in English, have at least one year of experience, and be patient and hardworking. Their website also indicates that experience teaching phonics would be beneficial. Courses are for juniors (5 to 7 years old) and seniors (8 to 13 years old) and use the OUP materials.

The Schutz American School in Alexandria offers lessons for students from Pre-K to Grade 12. The school has been running for nearly 100 years and has a great reputation.

On the Yellow Pages search for ‘Language schools and instruction’. You will be met with thousands of results, hundreds of which (at least) will be very good positions and worth applying for.

There are dozens of International Schools in Egypt, use this website to search through this extensive list.

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