Teaching English in Germany

With tight business connections in the western world and a high number of well-educated citizens, there are many fantastic opportunities for teaching English in Germany.

Opportunities for teaching English in Germany

Germany9smallAs in many other European countries teaching Business English is one of the major prospects for qualified TEFL teachers in Germany.

If you have any kind of business background or previous teaching experience this can be an advantage. However, if you don’t there are still great opportunities to teach business English – read TEFL graduate Alison Parker’s account of teaching Business English in Germany.

Most of the TEFL jobs in Germany are found in language schools and business centres, with the major cities offering many of the best paid TEFL jobs. There are also opportunities for teaching conversational English to young learners and adults in many of the smaller towns, often with less competition.

Why teach English in Germany

So why should you choose Germany to teach English abroad?

For the ambitious TEFL teacher, Germany is a desirable destination; you can earn a substantial amount of money teaching English, with TEFL wages that are among the highest Europe. In private language schools, you can earn from 1500 euros a month. The standard of living in Germany is also very high and the country itself is a beautiful and interesting place to explore. The varied landscape offers a wealth of recreational activities from leisurely strolls along sandy beaches to mountain walks in the Alps.

Teaching English in Germany – Requirements

Germany3People from EU countries have the same status as Germans when it comes to seeking employment and you will need no work permit to secure a TEFL job. If you do not have any previous teaching experience we strongly recommend you take the 120-hour TEFL course before setting off to teach.

Learning some basic German can also improve your prospects, however as you will only be speaking English in the classroom and due to the high level of spoken English in Germany you will probably be able to get by with just the basics! Also, make sure that you are well presented for interviews: companies here are looking for professional and reliable TEFL teachers, and successful candidates usually play the part!

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Not qualified yet? Have a look at our TEFL courses to start your career teaching English abroad.

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