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TEFL jobs in Germany

As Business English is the most popular type of English course to study in Germany, having a degree or keen interest in business or banking will put you in good stead. If you’re applying for these business positions, you’ll be expected to have up-to-date knowledge of current news in the banking world, and be able to pose interesting and timely questions to your students on the subjects they’ve read about in the newspaper.

Appearance and presentation are of the utmost importance in Germany - more so than in other countries. No teacher will be hired without a face-to-face interview (either in person or via Skype) and you should be well presented and dressed formally. Your manner should be polite but also formal, especially in big cities where the industry is fast-paced and professional.

Despite the formality, regulations for hiring TEFL teachers in Germany are relaxed in some ways, and it will take a plucky and confident teacher to land a good job. With a saturated market and a high number of English speakers in the country, many schools are picky about who they hire. Having a degree is less important than having teaching experience (for many positions, two years minimum), though of course having both a TEFL certificate and a degree will always boost your chances or guarantee that you get paid more. Many schools also require applicants to understand basic German, and some positions even require teachers to have a driving license and their own vehicle to travel between classes. These extra stipulations can make Germany out of bounds for some newer TEFL teachers, but if you fit the bill, Germany is a goldmine of rich opportunities.

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Where to find work in Germany

For EU citizens, many TEFL teachers travel to Germany and pound the pavement once they arrive there – turning up at a school smartly dressed with your CV in hand can be one way to get into a job, as can word of mouth. For Non-EU citizens, you’ll need to arrange employment before you arrive for the visa.

While opportunities for teaching English to children are limited in Germany, they are one of the best ways into the country as a new TEFL teacher if you can get a role at a summer camp. Networking with other teachers at camp can open employment opportunities, and some camp providers run schools all year round. As well as English studies at summer camp, students partake in other activities such as sport and music.

Employers in Germany

Popular camps in Germany: Berlitz Kids , Camp Adventure , Fokus Camps , Kids Camp America, LEOlingo Sprachcamps , Penguin Camp , and Sphairos .

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The best place to find information about German language schools is the Gelbe Seiten (Yellow Pages).

For a role in one of the country’s 2,000 Volkshochschulen (adult education centers) , visit www.vhs.de ELTABB English Language Teacher’s Association Berlin-Brandenburg  is great place to network and find jobs in the area, membership is €40 a year.

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