6 Reasons to TEFL in South America

With so many great destinations across the world to teach TEFL it can be difficult to choose. Here we talk about the draw of South America, a huge continent filled with diverse and fascinating cultures.


South America is famous for its passionate and fun loving people, reflected in the fantastic festivals held throughout the year. Brazil’s Carnival is the best known, but there are countless others throughout the continent. If you are teaching TEFL in South America it’s likely you will be drafted in by the community to participate in the local festival.

Opportunity to learn Spanish

Although there is no requirement to speak to host country’s language, TEFL offers teachers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and language. Many TEFL graduates have gone on to teach in South America with the intention of learning Spanish at the same time.

High demand for English teachers

South America is made up of some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Countries like Brazil, Chile and Colombia have increasingly close trade relationships with the English speaking world. State schools now have English embedded in the curriculum, international businesses are seconding employees to improve their business English and a growth private language school market is growing fast. All in all, this large demand means anyone with a TEFL certificate has a strong chance of landing employment in South America.

Low cost of living

Coming from a western country, you’ll be stunned by the low cost of living in South America. Although TEFL wages are relatively low, your money will go much further than other Asian and European TEFL destinations. Whether you choose to enjoy your weekends to the max, or save up over your teaching placement to fund your next travel, the option for either is there.

Stunning Landscapes

South America is simply stunning. This vast continent has every conceivable type of landscape you could hope for. Snow peaked Andes mountain range dissects the country into two, with lush green, hilltops on either side before you reach the coastal pristine white beaches.


With a wealth of fantastic fresh produce all over South America it’s no surprise the standard of cuisine is high here. Coffee beans from the mountain top farms of Chile, fresh seafood caught along the plains of Patagonia, fresh tropical fruit from the amazon. The wine isn’t too bad either!

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