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Enhance My English: Course Content

This is an outline of the units. Within each unit you will go into detail, but only in areas that we feel cause the most problems.

Unit 1

  1. Grammar: nouns, verbs, participles, conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions … and much more.
  2. Punctuation: commas, semi-colons and colons cause the most problems, but we also look at a few others too.
  3. Spelling: some basic spelling rules, common spelling errors and spelling myths dispelled.
  4. Abbreviations: a look at contractions, acronyms, shortenings etc.
  5. Most common mistakes: some of these will be real eye-openers for you.

Unit 2

  1. Effective writing: creating the right impact.
  2. Sentences: it’s not so simple, we look at complex sentences, not to mention subject-verb agreement, dangling modifiers and faulty predication.
  3. Paragraphs: writing effective, purposeful paragraphs.
  4. Style: adding emphasis, moods and signposting.
  5. Plain English: rewriting and rules for plain English.
  6. Written documents: persuasive letters, emails and reports.

Unit 3

Applying for a job and effective CVs and covering letters


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