The best of The TEFL Org Blog in 2020

The best of The TEFL Org Blog in 2020

We’re taking a look back at 2020 on The TEFL Org blog! We post a new article every single week, sharing tips for TEFL success, keeping you up to date with the latest news, and helping you understand everything you need to know about TEFL courses and jobs.

Here are 10 of our top posts this year in case you missed them!

What makes a good TEFL teacher

Have a think back to your school days: who were your favourite and least favourite teachers? What was it that made the good ones good and the bad ones bad?

Your favourite teacher was likely someone you made a personal connection with. Someone who understood you, inspired you, and knew how to help you get the most out of learning. The best teachers go over and above and we tend to remember those that do.

Being a great teacher is about more than just knowledge and qualifications. Teaching is a profession that requires a range of skills, so in this post we dive in and take a look at some of the most important ones needed to succeed in the big wide world of TEFL!

Find out what makes a good TEFL teacher

Teaching English abroad salaries: what to expect

Earning potential might not be the primary motivator behind your decision to TEFL – you’re unlikely to get rich as a teacher, after all – but it’s still an important factor to look into.

Will a TEFL teacher’s salary be enough to support you while you live abroad? Will you have enough to live comfortably, or will money be tight? And can you save money while teaching English abroad?

The answer to these questions mainly comes down to where you teach. In this article took a close look at TEFL salaries, covering what entry-level teachers can expect to earn, as well as the average salaries for dozens of countries across the globe.

Find out what to expect from TEFL salaries abroad

How to work out where to TEFL

Some people start their TEFL course with a firm idea of where they want to teach afterwards. But for others, working out where to go can be a tough decision.

In this post, we ran through some important areas you need to research and consider to help you work out where to TEFL. It’s a big world out there full of incredible opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers!

Not sure where to TEFL? Find out here

Teaching English online with Cambly: Poppy's story

“Two years ago, after graduating with a degree in English and Journalism, I set off to Australia on a working holiday to escape the Scottish weather and hopefully kill my travel bug.

I soon found myself working day and night in a German pub serving beer and sausages, which if I’m honest, was not ideal. Googling ‘how to make money abroad’ became a daily occurrence. Many jobs kept popping up – pick fruit, become a nanny, clean hostels – but there was only one that caught my imagination: teach English online.

A job where I could make money from my sofa sounded too good to be true. I was intrigued, but unfortunately there was one problem – I didn’t have a TEFL certificate.”

Read Poppy’s story

How to create a TEFL demo lesson for teaching English online

If you’ve scored an interview with an online teaching company then it’s likely you’ll be asked to prepare a demo lesson or intro video. If you’re new to teaching then this can understandably be a daunting prospect! But don’t stress, this article goes over some great tips to help you ace it.

The demo lesson is a crucial part of the hiring process for online teaching jobs. In fact, there are some companies that will even determine your rate of pay based on your performance. Employers want to see your teaching style and personality to make sure you’re both competent and the right fit for their company.

Your TEFL course will have taught you how to plan and deliver effective lessons, as well as how to teach learners of a range of ages and abilities. You know your stuff, you now just need to show it off!

Learn how to create a TEFL demo lesson

Teaching English online: finding your niche

The world of online teaching is vast and diverse.

Across the globe, people are learning English for a wide variety of reasons. There are children learning the very basics, teenagers preparing to study abroad in an English-speaking country, and adults trying to get ahead in business by improving their English. And some are learning for very specific applications, such as for the medical field and aviation.

Students prefer to hire teachers who can specifically cater to their needs, so within this big market teachers need to find their niche. In this article took you through how to discover yours, from the very beginning of your online teaching journey to targeting specific learners!

Find your online teaching niche

How to advertise as an online English teacher

It’s the big question when you’re starting out: how do you advertise as an online English teacher and get students? The online world is a big place and there are a lot of language learners out there looking for teachers, but where do you find them?

Teachers have three options when it comes to working online:

  1. Work for an online teaching company.
  2. Use an online marketplace that connects students and teachers.
  3. Go freelance and source students yourself.

Working for an online company is a great way to get started and build up experience. But if you’re aiming to maximise your earnings and have full control over when and how much you work, then you want to focus on #3.

We won’t lie, there’s a lot of work involved establishing yourself as an online English teacher. The rewards really make it worth it, though, so read on to find out about some of the best ways of finding students online.

Discover everything you need to know about advertising as an online teacher

How to choose the best TEFL course

With so many options available, choosing the best TEFL course can feel like a challenge. There are so many different types of courses and course providers out there, how do you choose?

It’s a big mistake to think that all TEFL courses are equal. You want to know that what you sign up for is going to a) properly prepare you for teaching English as a foreign language, and b) will be recognised by employers worldwide. In order to be sure a course meets this criteria there are a couple of important areas you need to get clued up about.

Choose the best TEFL course

How to find your first online teaching job

There’s been a real buzz about online teaching this year. While we’ve seen the online learning industry grow rapidly year-on-year, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in off-the-scale demand. Online education has become a necessity for students and teachers across the globe.

According to our 2019 graduate survey, around a fifth of our students went on to find work teaching online. It’s an area of TEFL we’ve seen rise in popularity, and right now it’s understandably extremely popular, with more people than ever looking for ways to earn money from home.

The demand for qualified teachers has increased, but with so many teachers moving online it’s also never been more important to stand out. If you’re aiming to teach English online right now then you want to make sure you’re starting off on the best foot possible.

Here’s our four-step guide to landing yourself your first online teaching job!

Find out how to land your first online TEFL job

T eaching English Online: 10 tips for Success

Teaching English online can be a convenient way to make some additional money, but what if you have the ambition to maximise your earnings and turn it into your main source of income?

You’ve probably read about how this rapidly growing TEFL sector offers flexible working, the opportunity to work from home, a goodbye to lengthy commutes, and many more perks that sound great. It’s not too good to be true and for those prepared to put in the work the rewards can be incredible.

If you’re looking to stand out in this market, increase your earnings, and become a highly sought after online English teacher then we’ve got ten top tips to help you get started.

Our 10 steps for online teaching success What would you like to see on The TEFL Org blog in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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