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TEFL Salaries – What to Expect

While salary may not be your primary motivation for wanting to travel the world and teach English, what you earn is obviously an important part of your plan to find the right  TEFL job for you.

Naturally, salaries across the TEFL world increase as you gain experience and expertise, but starting salaries for TEFL jobs advertised with TEFL Org vary according to country as well.

Each of the jobs advertised on the our online TEFL Jobs Centre give details of what you can expect to earn.

TEFL salaries in Asia

With far eastern countries somewhat leading the TEFL revolution at the moment, it’s no surprise that TEFL jobs in South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan command some of the highest paid teaching positions. With that in mind your first job there could see you earning up to US$1,900/GBP£1,300 per month. China, while an excellent location in which to teach TEFL, doesn’t offer the same high levels of pay as some of its neighbours, and you could expect to earn upwards of US$700/GBP£490 per month, although very often, housing is provided free of charge, which naturally has a positive impact on your outgoings there.

TEFL salaries in Europe

TEFL jobs in Europe vary as well from anything from US$800/GBP£560 per month upwards – it just depends on the number of hours teaching you provide. Hourly rates for many Eurozone countries range between 10 and 20 Euros per hour. And although some jobs may not pay as well as other similar positions in the same location, remember your employer may also include accommodation and other benefits into your package, meaning you won’t have the expense of rent to deal with each month.

TEFL salaries in Central and South America

Many of the TEFL jobs in South and Central America advertised with TEFL Org UK come with accommodation provided. Contracts may sometimes be shorter than in Europe and Asia, but you can expect to earn anything from US$400/GBP£280 a week in Brazil, for example. That’s not a bad deal given you have somewhere to live free of charge. TEFL teaching jobs in Mexico offer hourly rates of around US$5/£3.50 per hour, again accommodation is provided.

In the growing number of African countries offering teaching positions, it’s a similar story with rates starting at around US$5/GBP£3.50 per hour.

For more information about the latest TEFL jobs, visit the TEFL Jobs Centre.

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