Summer School Q&A with TEFL Tutor Melissa

Summer School Q&A with TEFL Tutor Melissa

When is the best time to look for Summer School positions?

I'd say start looking around Easter but you can still find jobs as late as June - this is when Summer School organisers know the real numbers of kids coming to stay.

Where are Summer Schools typically located?

In Europe and the United Kingdom (UK). In the UK, you will find summer schools in historical cities/towns. In Europe it tends to be cities/towns near the coast or in the mountains.

What do I need to teach at a Summer School?

Most organisations/schools will look for you to have at least a 20-hour TEFL certificate , some experience of working with teens would be desirable and a lot of enthusiasm.

What sort of students attend Summer Schools?

In my experience it's usually young European teens that already have fairly good English but want to (and need to) practice speaking to native English speakers.

What kind of lessons would I be teaching?

That depends, lots of Summer Schools run programmes that are classroom based in the morning and activity based in the afternoon (sports, excursions, arts'n'crafts etc.). One thing is certain though - dynamic, fun, cultural lessons go down a treat.

How much can I expect to be paid?

This depends on whether you are non-residential or residential, but upwards of £300 a week is normal.

Is room and board included?

If you take what's called a "residential" position - yes. Usually a private room in a halls of residence but sometimes in a teacher’s flat/dormitory.

What is the typical day in the life of an EFL Summer School teacher?

You'd get the kids up, eat breakfast with them, do your first class, maybe supervise break-time (or do lesson planning), do another class (often repeating the same prepared class with another group), eat lunch with the group, go on a cultural trip (maybe even be the tour guide!), grab some free time with the other teachers, meet for dinner, then (maybe) supervise evening activities. It’s a long but action-packed day!

When do Summer Schools run?

The peak time is July, often running into August. Sometimes there are positions in late June, but less common.

Who would you recommend Summer Schools for?

Well, you need a lot of energy, so young or old isn't the issue, but being outgoing and having the stamina for early rises, active afternoons and late nights is a must!

In terms of experience, many Summer Schools take on new qualified teachers because demand for teachers is so high. It's actually a great way for newly qualified TEFL teachers to get teaching experience. It’s also a great way to meet other TEFL teachers.

Also, if you have a particular skill, like football, swimming and drama etc. Summer Schools will be extra keen to take you on. You might even get to run an afternoon session in that area.

Where can I find these positions advertised?

Keep checking our TEFL Jobs Centre - there are lots of positions advertised there from the big summer school providers. If you have a specific place in mind, search for "summer camps Prague" or "English camps Spain," for example.

Your adventure can begin the moment you start looking!

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