My Plans to TEFL in Thailand as a Single Mom

How it began...

I am really excited about writing this blog as when I was conducting my endless hours of research on TEFLing as a single mom all I read was negative views, what I didn't find however was any views of people who had actually tried it. The stuff I read was all based purely on opinion. So I've decided that I am going to write an honest and open blog about my whole experience from start to finish. Hopefully, it will prove to be a complete success and I'll be able to inspire other people in the same situation as me with the same ambition.

A bit about me…

Serena Horton 1 So, I would class myself as a pretty normal ( ish ) girl really. Up until just recently I worked a 9-5 job in HR,  looked after my son and home, went to the gym twice a week and saw my friends at weekends  blady blah de blah. I had always dreamed about living and working abroad but never had the balls to do anything about it until now. What made me decide to take the plunge??? Hmmm…lots of things really, but mainly a really supportive and inspiring Dad who has been reminding me for years that life is for living, and that as I am not a rodent I don't HAVE to participate in the 'rat race'.

The Boy...

Serena Horton 5 Unlike me, my son Matthew, is quite happy in suburbia. He likes his school and his friends and has a big family who he is really close to. He sees no reason to up sticks and move thousands of miles away. Sure he loved holiday-ing in Thailand but the idea of living there...well he certainly ain't lovin' that…YET! In all honesty at one point I didn't think any of it would be possible. When I first broke the news to Matthew we had tears and tantrums. He is apprehensive and has a lot more to miss than I do, and I totally get that.

I however see it from an adult's perspective and I see an amazing life experience and an education he will never get in an English classroom. I also know that he is super adaptable and I'm sure that once we are there and settled in our home he will love it just as much as I will - in actual fact probably more!

The History...

Serena Horton 2 We're not travel virgins; this will be our 3rd time to 'The Land of Smiles'. We first fell in love with it in May 2011. So much so we spent an amazing 3 months there at the beginning of 2012. My Dad has lived in the place I intend to set up home in for the last 4 years and has been, from what I can see, really happy! I am in no way naive enough though to think that a holiday is going to be the same experience as living and working there...early starts and paying bills for one…URGH!

Where I'm at...

So, I've recently completed my 120 hour TEFL course (more details on this later) and my flights are booked :)

Right now I'm scared, excited, emotional, nostalgic…I'm laughing, crying, stressing, worrying…but I'm DOING, and for the first time in a long time I feel HAPPY.

Serena Horton 3 Matty is coming round slowly but surely, I even spied some comments recently on Instagram about him looking forward to it. HALL-E- LUJAH ! I have doubters out there and I understand/ sympathise with their doubts and concerns, I really do. Especially from family members. At the end of the day though, I'm his Momma and his best friend. The relationship we have is unique and if I thought for a single second that this would have a negative effect on his life or my own then I would never make this choice, but I trust my instincts and I know he does too.

More soon…x

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