Top online teaching companies to work for in 2024

Top online teaching companies to work for in 2024

Online teaching in 2024 is bigger than it has ever been. Even during the pandemic, with everyone forced inside and all kinds of education forced online, we weren’t seeing the sheer demand for lessons in all sorts of areas on the internet that we are now. As an industry, it is absolutely enormous, and a fantastic resource for both learners and teachers, the latter of whom are seeing career opportunities blossom that didn’t exist before.

In contrast to in-person teaching, online English teachers can work remotely; whether that’s from a rented office space, a room in their home, or anywhere. Instead of being locked into a fixed schedule, online teaching can happen virtually at any point in the day, and if a teacher so chooses, they can break up their day however they see fit. Flexibility, then, is an important factor when choosing a teaching company to work for.

Obviously, teachers also want a fair salary. Their wages, theoretically, ought to suit their expertise, qualifications, experience in teaching and a reflection of how much income they bring into an online teaching company. Not only this, but many teachers want to learn and develop their skills on the go, by using innovative platforms and staying up-to-date with developments in the online teaching sphere. So, flexibility, salaries and facilities are the name of the game.

Who, then, represents the creme de la creme of English teaching in 2024? Here are our picks, by category.

Top 3 online teaching companies for flexibility

It’s not always the case, but the chances are that, as a TEFL teacher, you have other things going on in your life beyond teaching. Things that require time, attention and availability. You might have care needs, you might have other work; whatever it is, flexibility in your career can be an incredible boost.

Across all industries, flexible working hours and changing shift patterns have become commonplace. Flexibility is absolutely a plus point when it comes to teaching online, especially when you work for an employer that doesn’t have a minimum number of working hours.

So, who ranks best for flexibility amongst English teaching companies in 2024?


In terms of availability and flexibility, it’s hard to beat Cambly . Not only do you not need a degree or teaching license to get started, there’s no maximum age (meaning retirees can make extra income), nor is there a minimum number of hours you need to teach in a week.


Not the most famous of English teaching company we’ll cover today, but certainly one on the rise, Engoo is great for more casual or on-the-go teaching. For one thing, you don’t need to download any software, and teaching materials are provided for you, so there’s far less admin and zero time spent waiting for something to install on your computer.

Additionally, classes are only 25 minutes long, so you can meet with as many or as few students as you wish in one day. Like Cambly, there isn’t a minimum lesson requirement you have to meet.


Even if the process of applying to teach on italki is more labour-intensive - you’ll need a degree, and have to pass a screening process - it’s one of the more flexible teaching companies to work for. Teaching through italki can be lucrative and rewarding, and the experience differs based on your qualifications and level of experience.

Again, there are no minimum hour requirements, and it’s easier to block-book whole weeks or months off if you require.

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Top 4 online teaching companies for salary

It sounds obvious - and it is - but salary should be one of your main considerations when it comes to finding work with a teaching company. Depending on the company, some of your salary for classes may be taken as commission. Some may offer a flat salary, others will be per hour. 

Here are some of the best-paying English teaching companies on the net!


Founded in South Korea in 2000, Englishunt has rapidly grown over the course of its 20+ years, from pioneering in online video lessons to expanding worldwide. A major player in East Asian English teaching, Englishunt offers its teachers a typical salary of £10.50/$14.50 per hour; comfortably one of the best rates going. Its USA-based operations require teachers with BA degree or substitute teaching experience, ESL degree (TEFL or TESOL), 4 years of teaching experience, US citizenship and a US bank account.

Ginseng English

We’re going based off introductory rates for teachers, here, and so we’d be remiss to leave out Ginseng English , who pay teachers £7.50 - £11.25/$10 - $15 per hour. A self-described “online language school”, Ginseng English don’t require teachers to have a degree, and non-native speakers are encouraged to sign up!


A truly impressive and immersive English teaching experience, Novakid isn’t really like any other English learning company. Imagine, instead, something akin to a video game experience for child learners, and you’re just about there. A very discerning employer, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certification and ideally some teaching experience with young learners to work for Novakid . In return for your expertise, a salary of £20/$25 ranks as one of the best in the industry.


A multi-lingual online learning company, Verbling are one of the more recent additions to the industry’s big hitters, and they’re attracting teachers and students in huge numbers. A base salary of £11.25 - £18.75/$15 - $25 should be an enticing prospect for any online TEFL teacher, and you don’t need a degree to get started!

Top 3 online teaching companies for facilities 

Salaries and flexibility are all very well, but for those interested in the long-term development of online English teaching, facilities and innovation are extremely important. No teacher who wants to make a living online wants to feel as though they’re behind the curve, and in any technological field, both a teacher and a teaching company should feel as though they’re striving for bold new ideas and results.

So, which online companies have the best facilities and ideas in 2024? Here’s what we reckon:


We mentioned Novakid for its excellent salaries, but it’s important to state just how different a learning experience it is. Imagine, if you will, a video game with linear progression, innovative use of software and a truly immersive English teaching experience, and you’ve got Novakid in a nutshell.

Other companies will be looking to Novakid as an example of how to “gameify” English learning. Many would argue that the future of English learning for kids looks a lot like what Novakid are doing now.


Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be innovative and set an industry-leading example. Unlike other companies, Cambly’s free-to-use and hi-tech translation software means that learners who are struggling for certain words or phrases can learn far more quickly during lessons.

If you, as a teacher, are struggling to find the right word or phrase to use, you can speak in a learner’s native language through translation software. So, it works both ways. It might sound obvious, but many of the best innovations are simple ideas to meet a need. Cambly has that nailed.


Again, it may not be AI or VR, but a simple idea executed well can put an online teaching company ahead of its competitors.

Lingoda Sprint is a two-month intensive language course, meaning that both teachers and students can truly get locked in and help learners achieve short-term and long-term language goals. If you’re a teacher, that’s quite an ask, but it’s a challenge that many TEFL teachers will want to embrace. What’s more, helping someone become conversational in a new language within two months? That’s going to look great on a CV.

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So, who’s the top teaching company to work for in 2024?

Whether it’s flexibility, salary or innovation, there are plenty of great teaching companies to work for in 2024. Ultimately, though, it’s a tailored and personal experience. In the same way that students will have particular wants and needs, so will teachers, so it’s utterly subjective.

What are you able to do, time-wise? As a teacher, you can work online full-time, part-time or more casually. Different companies will have different provisions for this, and if you are working casually, it’s probably best to go with a company that will pay more per hour. Talking of salary, it’s truly up to you whether a company is paying enough to make it worthwhile for your time needs and lifestyle.

Just like finding a classroom teaching job, you need to figure out what works best for you. Not all environments will suit, depending on a range of factors, from the time limits to the proficiency of your students.

So, as much as we’d love to give a satisfying, one-size-fits-all answer here, the “top online 

teaching company” in 2024 is… well, it’s your choice!

Are you looking to take your TEFL skills onto the web? Look no further, with this comprehensive guide on how to become an English tutor online !

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