Top 10 Video Resources for TEFL

Video is a fantastic resource for EFL teachers and one that can be put to use in a variety of ways. There’s a vast amount of fantastic video resources available online, from material created specifically for the TEFL classroom, to film and TV clips you can plan lessons around, and educational videos that will help you develop as an English teacher!

In this blog post we’re featuring 10 great video resources for TEFL, as well as some useful articles to help suggest ways of using video in the classroom.

British Council

The British Council has produced some great videos covering topics such as how to use Skype for teaching English, interesting clips from conferences, and a number of useful tips for use in the classroom. This is a good channel to keep an eye on if you’re interested in professional development.

ESL Brains

Who doesn’t love a good TED talk? ESL Brains hosts a great range of lesson plans, which are, for the most part, based on TED talks. This is a really great resource for adult learners and there’s a particular focus on Business English.

Learning English Video Project

This project offers insight into English language learning and teaching in seven different countries around the world – The UK, Brazil, China, Spain, America, Romania, and Morocco. These videos are useful for both EFL teachers and students.

Elemental English

The YouTube channel Elemental English sadly doesn’t appear to be producing content anymore, but there are still lots of great videos focused on grammar and pronunciation to check out.  These well-produced videos are clearly explained and are great for screening in the classroom or sharing with students as part of a homework exercise. features a huge amount of quizzes based on short videos – ideal for for listening exercises, vocabulary, and pronunciation. It also features a quiz builder, so you can create your own quizzes based on videos of your choosing!

English Central

The aim of English Central is to improve students’ pronunciation and vocabulary. The student watches a video and marks the words they don’t know, learns the new words, and then practices speaking. The platform provides students who register with one video a day based on their level.

Fluency MC

Music can be a great learning tool for students so if you’re looking to incorporate rap into your English lessons then Fluency MC has you covered!


engVid boasts 1300 video lessons created by experienced EFL teachers. These videos cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, IELTS, and more.

Film English

Lesson plans designed around interesting short films. Film English has won a number of awards, including a British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources, the MEDEA Award, in 2013, and an English Speaking Union Award in 2014.

Viral ELT

This is a really fun one! Your students will no doubt be familiar with viral videos and each video on Viral ELT is accompanied by 10 conversation questions and a listening activity. This is a resource appropriate for upper-intermediate to advanced learners.

Useful articles

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