TEFL Internship vs. TEFL Job

Once have completed your accredited TEFL course and are ready to start teaching abroad you essentially have two options available to you. You can take a supported internship or you can search for a TEFL job alone.

Take this short questionnaire to see whether you are more suited to a TEFL job or a TEFL internship!

Do you want to go out knowing you will have round the clock support?

Yes: If following in the footsteps of professionals and having support just a phone call away sounds like the best way to ensure a successful trip, a TEFL internship is for you! When you accept a TEFL job you do not know how much support the school will give you, so this just gives you some extra reassurance.

No: Perhaps you are more of an adventurer go it alone type, who does not need the support of a group around you. If you think that braving it alone is all part of the adventure and you would rather make friends and learn along the way, knowing there’ll be a few bumps here and there, searching for a TEFL job would probably suit you.

Do you want your accommodation arranged for you?

Yes: Going so far away from home, you might think that the last thing you need when you get there is to be completely lost, with no idea where to stay or if  you do find accommodation, it isn’t up to scratch. A TEFL Internship gives you peace of mind that you will be placed in suitable accommodation, close to your place of work and with other TEFL teachers for company.

No: If you are open to staying anywhere and want the freedom to choose where to go you might find an internship too restricting and would prefer to find your own way with a TEFL job.

Do you want a structure?

Yes: If you like to have a routine and to know what you will be doing each day, a TEFL internship will provide this.

No: If you want more freedom to do you own thing you might prefer a TEFL job. Although you will still have to stick to a teaching schedule! If you want to completely be your own boss, freelance TEFL teaching would be your best option!

Do you want to be part of a group of other TEFLers?

Yes: If you think the idea of being part of a group of like-minded people who you have never met but share a common interest (TEFL!) with sounds great. We all know that teaching English abroad can get lonely at times, and this well help you get over any homesicknesses.

No: If you’d rather just be by yourself or meet more locals, then a TEFL job might be better for you.

Do you want a guaranteed job?

Yes: Who knows how long it will take you to find a job! With a TEFL internship you know you will be placed in a good school.

No: Although a job is not guaranteed, there is a strong success rate of TEFL graduates finding work through our TEFL jobs centre or by simply handing out CVs when they arrive.

Whichever way you choose to TEFL, through an internship or a job, a great adventure awaits!

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