Teaching English in Slovakia

2 July 2012

Interested in teaching English in Slovakia?

TEFL Org UK is currently recruiting its qualified English teachers for TEFL jobs in Slovakia.

Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe, which can offer all the modern comforts of home while letting you experience an exciting culture and beautiful scenery. Slovakia gained its independence after the Velvet Revolution in 1993, having been part of Czechoslovakia and, earlier, the Austria-Hungarian empire. It has much younger tourism boards than most of Western Europe, and will give you a completely different insight into life in Europe. With picturesque hills, gothic town churches, and strong folk traditions, Slovakia is a welcoming and friendly country to teach English abroad.

TEFL opportunities in Slovakia

Slovakia3Slovakia has been overshadowed by its neighbour the Czech Republic for many years but is emerging as an attractive country of its own to visit and explore. This also benefits TEFL teachers as there is much less competition for jobs and the demand for TEFL teachers is high. The main TEFL regions are Bratislava, Kosice, Nitra, Presov, and Banksa Bystrica, although you can also find work in many other smaller towns.

Teaching English in Slovakia

Salaries for teaching English in Slovakia range from €500-€1000 (£350-£1,000) per month, depending on qualifications and experience. State schools tend to pay at the lower end of this range, with private schools paying more. The cost of living in Slovakia is reassuringly low and sometimes accommodation is supplied by your employer. A one-bedroom apartment will cost about €350 (£245) per month, but you’ll pay €250 or less if you share with another teacher. Keep in mind that most accommodation advertise the total number of rooms per residence, so a one-bedroom flat will still be advertised as “two-room” on accommodation ads! With your TEFL salary you may have the opportunity to save some money and will certainly be able to live comfortably.

Slovakia5You will often be working around 25 hours per week, which leaves you plenty of time to travel and explore the country. Located right in the center of Europe, staying in Slovakia would afford you the chance to travel, with Vienna, Prague and Budapest within easy reach.

Requirements for teaching English in Slovakia

For teaching English in Slovakia you will need an official TEFL certificate. When you book a TEFL course with TEFL Org UK you will get a free, lifelong access to our TEFL Jobs Centre which is an easy way to search and apply for your next TEFL job. By taking one of our Premier TEFL Courses of at least 120 hours, you will meet the criteria for the widest range of TEFL jobs, including the best paid positions. EU nationals can easily obtain a work permit by contacting the Slovak police after arrival.

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3 thoughts on “Teaching English in Slovakia

  1. Interesting to see a blog by an organisation that teaches English make spelling mistakes. Usually, I don’t care much about such things but this made me wonder. If you’re a British organisation, teaching British English, why not use British spelling.

  2. How does one apply for positions in Slovakia? What I read in the jobs section does appear to be more of an overview?

    1. Hello Jiří, thanks for your post. We don’t have any schools in Slovakia advertising their teaching vacancies with us at the moment but it’s worth checking back regularly as we update our TEFL Jobs Centre every day

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