Interview with Joey and Abi from i2Visa

Interview with Joey and Abi from i2Visa

We recently interviewed Joey and Abi from i2Visa on Facebook Live to ask them a range of questions about the process of applying for a Chinese visa. We've worked with i2Visa previously on blog posts such as Moving to China: The Essential Checklist , and Working in China: What You Need to Know  and since we're frequently asked about visas by students we thought we'd take your questions to the experts!

We learnt a thing or two ourselves, so if you're thinking about TEFL in China then you'll want to watch the interview to pick up some tips and handy information! You can view the full interview below and then below that we've cut it up into short clips for your viewing pleasure. :)

Any questions about applying for a Chinese visa that haven't been answered? You can comment here on the Facebook post or here on the blog and we'll get back to you!

What documents do you need to supply when you're applying for a visa?

How long does the visa take to process?

Can you send scanned documents or do they need to be originals?

Are there different processes for different cities or provinces?

What's the difference between legalisation and authentication?

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