Interview with Laura from EF English First

Interview with Laura from EF English First

In our latest Facebook Live interview we chatted to Laura from EF English First  about teaching English in China ! EF English First has been providing English language lessons for over 20 years in more than 300 English First schools across China, Russia and Indonesia.

The demand for EFL teachers in China is off the charts, which makes it a very popular destination for many of our students ( just check out our student stories !). EF English First is the largest private educational organisation in the world and offer great positions in their schools across China and support their teachers every step of the way, from application to arrival. If you have a minimum of a 120-hour TEFL qualification , a Bachelor's degree, a clean criminal record, and are a citizen of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, then you're eligible to apply for a position with them!

During the interview we asked Laura a range of questions about teaching in English First schools in China, such as what the application process is like, what a typical teaching day is like, what support English First give to their teachers, and more! Her answers were incredibly useful and insightful, so if you're at all interested in pursuing TEFL work in China then this interview is a must-watch!

You can see the full interview here and below we've cut up some short clips for you!

What are the benefits of applying with EF English First?

Laura shares her experience as a first-time teacher with EF English first and tells us why she chose them and the support they provide to their teachers.

What is the application process like and what documents are required?

Wondering what the application process is like for a teaching position in China and how long it takes? Laura outlines the whole process for us.

What's it like to teach English in China?

What's it really like to teach English in China? Laura tells us what it's like to work at an English First school, work/life balance and when you get your days off.

What's a typical teaching day like?

Laura gives us an overview of what her schedule as a teacher was like.

What support does EF English First give?

EF English First provide plenty of support to help teachers adjust to life in China!

For more details about applying for a position with EF English first check out this page

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