TEFL Visas

Visas can appear very confusing and overwhelming when you are applying for a TEFL position. Your employer will often help with visa advice and support through your application. Use the links below to find some useful information and direct links to relevant web pages.

NOTE: EU nationals wanting to work within the EU can do so without a work visa.

If you can’t find any advice here about the country in which you want to teach – we suggest that you get in touch with the country’s embassy in the UK and ask them what is required for a teaching visa.


China is the largest employer of TEFL teachers at the moment. To find up to date general travel information as well as entry requirements visit the FCO China page. To find out more specific and current rules on work visas, visit the Chinese Embassy for Great Britain & NI visa section on their website.  Check out our blog for a guide to applying for a Chinese visa.

South Korea

South Korea is one the best established TEFL destinations and has some great work opportunities. The latest travel information, as well as a section on teaching English in South Korea can be found on the FCO South Korea page. To find out specific visa requirements visit the South Korean Embassy visa section.  Our blog has a helpful guide to getting a South Korean teaching visa.


Japan is a well-established TEFL destination including a government-run initiative to hire teachers called the JET programme. Up-to-date travel advice including basic entry requirements can be found on the FCO Japan page. For more detailed visa information visit the section on their website.  Read our blog’s guide to applying for a Japanese teaching visa.


Vietnam is relatively new to hiring TEFL teachers but there are some fantastic experiences to be had in this fascinating nation. For the latest travel information visit the FCO Vietnam page. For more detailed visa information including current requirements visit the Vietnam embassy of the UK visa section.


The visa situation in Thailand changes regularly so the best way to ensure you have the correct information is to visit the Thai Embassy visa section. If you want general travel advice on the country, visit the FCO Thailand page. You can find out more about getting your Thai teaching visa on our blog.


TEFL positions here will usually be on a voluntary basis so won’t require a work visa. However, if you do require visa information visit VFS Global (India visa section) who deal with all visa applications to the country. For more general travel advice including basic entry requirements, visit the FCO India page.


Russia does offer some good teaching positions that will require work visas. To find out detailed visa information visit the UK Russian Embassy website visa section. VFS Global deals with any visa applications and has some useful information on their Russian visa service site. For regularly updated travel information and advice visit the FCO Russia page.


Turkey has many TEFL positions and the visa situation can seem confusing. Basic entry requirements and the latest travel advice can be found on the FCO Turkey page.


Mexico is a popular TEFL destination and visa information can be found on the Mexican Embassy website. For current travel information and advice visit the FCO Mexico page where you can find basic entry requirements.


There is expected to be a surge in TEFL teachers going to Brazil in the next few years due to the World Cup and Olympic games. For visa information visit the UK Brazil Consulate general visa section on their website. The FCO Brazil page gives a great overview of basic entry requirements and the latest travel information.


One of the trickiest destinations to gain a visa is Argentina. For current travel information the FCO Argentina page gives the latest travel advice. For detailed visa entry requirements and information visit the UK Argentine Embassy page.

TEFL is a gateway to many more countries around the world, but hopefully we have covered those that you are most interested in here.  If you still want to know the visa requirements of a particular country, visit the GOV.UK foreign travel advice page and search for the country you are interested in.