Whilst you can use your TEFL certificate in the UK, most people want to use their qualification to work abroad.  Although moving to another country to further your career and experience new foreign cultures may be a daunting prospect, we’ve built up some resources for you so that you can make the transition as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of Working Abroad

Check out the benefits of working in another country, with more than just the sunshine drawing TEFL-ers to foreign shores!

Information/Advice on Working Abroad

Read key advice and information on what life could be like living and working abroad.  We’ve compiled country guides for many of the more popular TEFL destinations and we have lots of stories from former students that are now, or have been, living, teaching and travelling overseas.

Jobs Abroad

Find the latest TEFL jobs from around the world on our TEFL Jobs Centre.  After enrolling on our course, you can contact employers and set yourself up with a teaching position wherever you want! Access to this resource is free for life.

TEFL Visas

Visas are an important topic, but sadly something that can be extremely complicated.  We’ve compiled a small guide on the visa arrangements for the most popular TEFL destinations for you to save you time, and we’ve included resources to find visa details for less common countries.


If you think you’re ready to start working abroad, pay a visit to our TEFL Jobs Centre, where you’ll find close to 200 jobs in over 40 different countries.  If you’ve yet to begin a TEFL Course, have a look at our TEFL course options.

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