What to Pack for Teaching English Abroad

18 July 2012

Whether you’re setting off to teach English abroad for a few weeks, a few months or time unknown, the prospect of packing can be incredibly daunting. While what to pack can vary greatly depending on where you’re heading and for what length of time, there are some essential items you simply can’t leave without. Here are some ideas of how to pack perfectly for TEFL.

Try to pack as light as possible. Doing this will not only save you money on checked or overweight baggage fees, it will also make travelling around and returning home much easier. You are bound to acquire local goods and souvenirs and the less stuff you bring the more you can bring back.

You’ll find you have a surplus of reading time while you are travelling. Investing in a Kindle or e-book might be a good move if you plan on reading plenty of books on your travels.

It’s a good move to pack electrical converters for electronics as they come in very handy. Plug adapters, chargers and memory cards can all be very expensive abroad.

Versatile clothing is perhaps an obvious suggestion but will be very beneficial. Think layers and clothes that can be worn to work and during your time off.

You might want something from home. It’s likely that in some point in your travels you’ll experience a little homesick, and something familiar from home will be very comforting. It’s also worth taking things like postcards and photos from home to show your TEFL students, who will want to know all about you!

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