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TEFL Students Around the World

We’ve previously asked the question: what does a typical EFL teacher look like and what we found was that there is no such thing as a typical profile.  EFL teachers are different ages, come from different backgrounds and have different motivations when the enrol on a TEFL course.  They all have one thing in common though – they all want to do something exciting and inspire their students!

As well as coming from different walks of life our TEFL students also come from all over the world!  Our online community is global and we’ve students from Rio Grande in Argentina to Hanoi in Vietnam! Nevertheless, whether you live in Scotland or in South Africa, the cost of getting TEFL qualified is the same. We send your certificate to you at no extra cost – regardless of where you are in the world.

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Where can I take a TEFL Org course?

We’re always adding new destinations, but our online courses can be taken from anywhere in the world.  Our classroom courses are held across England, Northern IrelandRepublic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the USA and in Spain.

There is an ever-growing and vibrant community – from Africa in particular South Africa, Zimbabwe and Morocco, to Asia where we have students in Taiwan, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Cambodia to name just a few.  In the UAE (where the highest paid teaching jobs can be found), our experienced TEFL tutors are providing advice and support learned over years from their own first-hand teaching experiences.

Some of these students are looking to travel and teach, but many are seeking to get our accredited TEFL qualification to allow them to get the best jobs teaching English in their own country.  And then other individuals are looking to tutor students in English online, whether at home or in a new exciting location!  Essentially a TEFL qualification isn’t just for those looking to teach abroad.

Basically, we are a global operation and our busy and friendly team are shipping out TEFL certificates worldwide every day.

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Tips for non-native teachers

It is worth noting it can be a bit harder for non-native speakers to find work teaching English – but by no means impossible.

You do need to make sure your English is of a high standard, you’re eligible for a visa, and you have the qualifications employers look for.  The key things if you’re a non-native English speaker wanting to TEFL abroad to consider before getting TEFL qualified are:

  • For most countries a BA degree in any discipline
  • Meet the visa requirements.  This varies from country to country so it’s important to check if there are any restrictions based on nationality
  • At least an accredited 120-hour TEFL qualification
  • Evidence of your English language level, such as a TOEIC or IELTS score

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