How Do I Decide Where to Teach English Abroad?

7 June 2013

This is the biggest question on every TEFL-qualified teacher’s mind. The opportunities are pretty much endless, such is the demand for native English teachers to TEFL all around the world. With the high accreditation of TEFL Org’s courses which are recognised all over the world, employers from all corners of the globe want to hire our graduates. If you are not sure yet where you want to take your TEFL career, have a think about the following questions.

Will you need a visa?

By no means all, but some countries do require you to have a university degree in order to issue you with the correct working visa. This is the case in places such as Japan and South Korea. If you do not have a degree don’t feel in any way feel disheartened; your options are still very much open.

Will you be able to adapt to the culture?

MakkahYou have to be realistic with your expectations. Travelling to a foreign and unknown country to teach English abroad may be a shock to the system when you first arrive. Culture shock is common for many travellers and TEFL teachers alike, and is something you can usually adapt to. Research your country (check up on things like customs and dress code) and manage your expectations realistically before you leave. If you do all this and go with an open mind and tolerant attitude you should be fine.

What do you want to get out of the experience?

It is important to ask yourself why you want to teach English abroad. Is it important that you earn a good salary or are you more interested in how close the beach is and whether or not you can buy your favourite beer locally? Have a look through our articles that have many helpful country guides.

What will the teaching conditions be like?

This is perhaps more specific to when you have already decided on a country and are searching for a TEFL job. You should think about the types of classes you will be teaching in and size of school. Your TEFLcourse will prepare you to teach students of all ages and ability. Consider taking some of our specialist training courses in teaching business English, teaching young learners and teaching English online if relevant to the type of TEFL job you want to work in.

Do you have the minimum requirements to teach there?

As a native English speaker you are already half way there to being qualified to teach English abroad! All you need after this is at least and 120 hours of TEFL training and the enthusiasm to get out there and TEFL. Most TEFL jobs will hire teachers with 120 hours + so check out our TEFL course options to see how you can get qualified. Remember to always check the accreditation before you book a course; TEFL Org certificates are internationally recognised and accredited by independent bodies.

Still not sure where to teach English abroad? Read our guide to find out more.

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