Go first or apply from home?

Once you’ve achieved your TEFL qualification and you begin to think about securing that first TEFL role, one of your first decisions will be whether to begin to apply form home or whether to travel to your preferred destination and apply whilst on the ground.  Both approaches have positives and as you will see some subsequent drawbacks.

Applying from home

It’s cheaper – applying for and securing a position before you travel will definitely reduce your initial costs.  You will be aware of when your first pay cheque is coming in and how much you will need to cover you until then.  In addition you may get some contribution towards your flight costs, especially in Asian or Middle Eastern locations.

Correct Visas – in most instances the employing school will assist in sourcing you the correct visa for the duration of your stay.  Should you travel on your own first with a holiday visa, you may find that to change this to a working visa you will have to leave the country and apply from “abroad”.  Although this may sometimes just be a case of visiting a neighbouring country briefly, it is still an issue to keep in mind.

Peace of mind – travelling abroad with the intention of teaching English is a step into the unknown.  Depending on your personal attitude and approach, having the security of a definite job to go to may be the “crutch” you need to take the leap.

Travelling first

Seeing the school – this is the obvious big advantage of already being in your preferred teaching location, you get to interview face to face and see what your potential workplace is like.  Ensuring the facilities are attractive certainly helps in deciding whether to sign that teaching contract or not.  In addition it gives you the opportunity to speak to existing teachers to get an impression of what it’s like to work there.  Although, speaking to one of the school’s existing teachers is possible from home and something you should consider asking your potential employer, it may not be as informative as meeting a teacher personally.

Amount of opportunities – here at TEFL Courses Ireland we work hard to provide you with as many potential opportunities as possible in our TEFL Job Centre.  There are also many reputable job sites offering thousands of TEFL opportunities around the world.  Despite this you will always find that being based locally you become aware of many more opportunities, this can be especially true of locations like Latin America where schools may not have the big budgets to advertise on line like schools in Asia, for example.

So, as we said there is no right or wrong way of securing your TEFL role, it’s more a case of which methods suits your requirements and personal approach best.

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