TEFL on a Budget

21 June 2013

Consider TEFL!

Travel is expensive; there is no two ways about it. It can be really frustrating when you want to see the world but the bank balance is too low to allow that dream escape. If this is your problem then consider TEFL! Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a great way to travel and immerse yourself in a new country and it gives you a fantastic opportunity to find work no matter where you go.TEFL teachers are always in demand and people are always looking to learn English all over the world.

But uprooting and moving to a new country can also be expensive! Not only are there flights and official documents like visas and work permits to sort out but you may have to find accommodation for yourself and it can all become a bit pricey. You may not have that large a budget in the first place so here are some tips for TEFLing on a tough budget.

TEFL in a country with low living costs

Vietnam5Many countries around the world have a much lower living cost than in Britain. Countries in South-East Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam have low grocery and rents and delicious food can be picked up from market stalls for really low prices.  Nice apartments can be found for less than you were expecting, and, if you stay away from the obvious tourist traps, with some careful bargaining in markets, you can keep a hold of your money.

Some of the South American countries like Guatemala and Ecuador also have low living costs and in Europe there are the Czech Republic and Georgia as some great low-cost TEFL destinations. Some careful research will help you establish where exactly is best for what you want out of life as a TEFL teacher.

Find a good work package

Some employers offer really lucrative job packages so make sure to investigate thoroughly before jumping for one. Insurance, flights, visa costs, accommodation, it can all be paid for by some employers. Some employers even offer bonuses at the end of the contracts so you can leave with a little extra! Search on the TEFL Job Centre to find a deal that looks suitable for you.

Get TEFL-qualified today to start your amazing journey around the world! You can also request a free brochure for more information.

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