Funding Your TEFL Travels

11 June 2013

The Best Way to Fund Your Travels

Travelling is expensive. We all know that. But there is a way that you can travel, see the world and live in new and exciting cultures whilst you earn money.

This can be done through simply completing a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course – no experience and qualifications are necessary; you only need to speak English to a native or near-native level. Courses can be completed entirely online, which is really flexible as you work through it at your own pace depending on your schedule. Once you have finished your course you can apply for hundreds of jobs all over the world throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK, and Central and South America. Contract durations vary, some positions are voluntary and some are well paid; some employers even offer flight reimbursements, insurance cover and free accommodation. It’s a very inexpensive travel option.

So why do it?

southkoreaTeaching English abroad is an infinitely rewarding experience. It’s unlike anything you will ever do – immersed in a completely unfamiliar culture, living a completely different lifestyle and making a difference to those who need it. Many countries rely heavily on learning English to develop their economy and their citizens, as well as international relations and global competitiveness. English teachers will always be in demand all over the world and there will always be someone new who wants to learn English.

You too will learn and develop, and have the time of your life at once.  You will see sights unlike anything you have seen before, meet people unlike anyone you have ever met before and live a life completely different to what you are used to. You can kick back after work on the beach with a beer and on days off you can travel, explore or hang out with fellow travellers or teachers.

And when you get home, you will have not just some amazing memories and experiences but a whole range of skills that can transfer across to other employment. Future employers will also be impressed that you were working while you travelled as opposed to spending all your time lying on a beach.

It does sound a bit too good to be true, but by becoming a TEFL teacher, the world is your oyster! Once enrolled on a course you get free, lifetime access to the TEFL Job Centre, so you are constantly kept up to date with hundreds of exclusive TEFL employment vacancies throughout the world. Being a TEFL teacher is an amazing and inexpensive travel opportunity, and one that is available to almost anyone!

Take the leap of faith today and enrol on a course to become TEFL-qualified! Or, to sign up for a free brochure, go here!

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