Tips for TEFL Job Application Photos

Tips for TEFL Job Application Photos

Updated: 28th December 2017

Once you have completed your TEFL training you will be all set to start looking for that all-important TEFL job. TEFL Org course graduates can log on to our TEFL Jobs Centre and apply for any number of teaching positions all over the world.

Some employers will ask you to send a photograph of yourself along with your CV and covering letter. It may not seem like much, but your photograph can have a real effect on your chances of getting a TEFL job. Providing a photo might be your only opportunity to get across a visual impression, especially if your interview is over the telephone. So what sort of picture should you send?

#1 – Avoid passport photographs

“If you actually look like your passport photo, you aren’t well enough to travel.” —Sir Vivian Fuchs

Your passport photograph isn’t suitable to include in your job application. As you can’t smile for the photo, it’s best not to send as it won’t show you in the approachable and friendly manner TEFL employers are looking for.

#2 – Look like the ideal teacher

Dress professionally and smile with confidence. Schools look for EFL teachers who are cheerful, well-presented and who will reflect positively on their school.

Avoid harsh lighting – natural light is best so head outside or stand near a window.

#3 – Choose the right quality

Someone you know is bound to be able to take a photo for you. Failing that, invest in a small tripod and set the timer on your phone/camera. You can get some really great quality photographs on the latest smartphones.

Make sure the photo you send is of good quality. Blurry or poorly edited pictures won’t cut it. Once you’ve chosen a picture, save it as a .jpg file – a small file size is key when sending photos via e-mail or uploading to the web.

#4 – Send your photo as an attachment, or include it on your CV

The best way to add your photo to your job application it is by attaching it in the e-mail along with your CV and covering letter. Don’t forget to change the file name to your name too! e.g. alanmoir.jpg

Alternatively, you could include your photo in the body of your CV, but make sure it is not too big - a large face staring out at you from a CV is rather off-putting!

#5 – Use your common sense

Common sense applies here as much as anywhere else – avoid party shots, group photos, shadows cast over your face or the latest Instagram or Snapchat filter.

Remember, for help with TEFL job applications, all TEFL Org students have access to our online TEFL Jobs Centre , including a lifetime of free TEFL careers advice.

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