How to: Create a TEFL Intro Video

So you’ve passed your TEFL course, constructed a top-notch CV and you’re starting to apply for jobs all over the world, but there’s one thing you’re missing – a self-introduction video!

This may seem like an odd request from employers, as they can find everything they need to know about you on your CV, but that’s not actually why they ask for one. Employers will request a self-introduction video as a way of gauging your English ability and how your voice sounds before arranging an online interview with you.

Your video only needs to be around 60 to 90 seconds long; just long enough to grab your potential employers’ attention, but not so long that it gets boring to watch.

The key things you should include in your video:

- Name - Age - Where you’re from - Your skills (previous teaching experience, qualifications, personal abilities etc.) - Why you’d like to teach English

And that’s it! It really is as simple as that. You don’t need to do this on a fancy camera or anything either, a smartphone or tablet propped up will do the trick.

Here are some tips to remember when you’re making the video:

- Speak clearly; the person who’s watching will most likely be a non-native speaker - Film it in a well-lit area - Dress well, like how you would dress when teaching - Be enthusiastic about the role - Smile! - Be yourself – this is important as employers must make their decision before getting the chance to experience your personality for real. - Send it to another email address to ensure it’s compatible with other email platforms! If you don’t want to send it to someone you know, feel free to send it to us: jobs@tefl.org and we’ll happily review it and give you any feedback (if you need it!)

Tools we recommend for uploading your video:

- YouTube: when uploading videos to YouTube, remember to set them to private/unlisted so only those with the link can view the video. - WeTransfer.com: If you're sending your video to employers in China, remember that YouTube isn't available there, so we recommend using WeTransfer instead.

Keep in mind that this video could be your make or break. You could have a glowing CV with all the right qualifications and experience, but if you don’t seem friendly and enthusiastic in your video, you may not be chosen for the role.

Remember to smile – good luck!

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