The best countries for digital nomads

The best countries for digital nomads

Digital nomadism is on the rise, and it’s not hard to see why! With so many people working from home over the past few years the ideas we have around work, location, and possibility have changed hugely.

After all, if you can work in the sunshine during winter months, or know that there’s a ski slope waiting for you after your shift, why wouldn’t you? More and more countries worldwide are realising that remote work can lead to a whole host of opportunities, from a boost to tourist attractions, to permanently bringing in talent from overseas.

Unfortunately, not every country has adapted as of yet. TEFL digital nomads can work from anywhere in the world, but the visa situation isn’t always straightforward. Many nomads will work on tourist visas in countries where they are unable to obtain any kind of work visa, especially if their stay is short term. The legality of this can be sketchy, and while it can be generally accepted in some countries, it could get you into trouble in others. Always do your own research! 

However, visas specifically for digital nomads are becoming more common. As it stands, there are a number of countries out there where you can apply for a digital nomad visa or visas suitable for this type of work. So where are some of the best remote work locations to be found?



Capital city : Zagreb
Digital nomad requirements : Income of €2,300 (£1,966/$2,500) per month

Beautiful Croatia has seen a real influx of tourist interest in recent years, owing to an emphasis on resorts and, of course, the filming of global TV smash Game of Thrones. Mostly coastal, Croatia has all of the charm of the Mediterranean with plenty of idiosyncratic culture. If you’re into seafood, wine and music, you’ll love it. 

Croatia offers digital nomads the opportunity to stay in the country for up to a year. This temporary stay cannot be extended immediately after and applicants must wait 6 months after expiry to reapply. 

Find out more information here .

Czech Republic 

Capital city : Prague
Digital nomad requirements : Online resume, 18+, flexible job, business plan, business website, business card, at least CZK 124,500 (£4,430/$5,630) in bank 

Historic, scenic and comparatively cheap to live in, it’s hard to believe more people don’t see Czechia as the ultimate TEFL destination . Capital city Prague is one of the cultural and historical hubs of Europe, and don’t be fooled by the number of stag parties - there’s more than just beer!

The Czech Republic doesn’t have a specific digital nomad visa, but the Zivno visa ( Zivnostenske opravneni , to give it its full name) enables nomads to work within the country.  This is a freelancer visa, which is what EFL teachers working in schools within the Czech Republic must also have since schools typically employ teachers as contractors, not employees.

See the list of nationalities eligible for this visa


Capital city : Tallinn
Digital nomad requirements : Income of €3,504 (£3,000 / $4,000) per month before tax

If you’re seeking adventure, low levels of tourism and a real flair for the medieval, Estonia is a fantastic place to work remotely. Almost 50% forest, the Baltic state can be very harsh in the winters, but if you’re into rural escapes and shutting the world out at the door, it’s hard to beat this incredible country.

Estonia launched its digital nomad visa in August 2020, which allows location-independent workers to live and work within the country for up to a year. You must already have an employment contract and meet an income threshold of €3,504 (£3,000 / $4,000) per month (before tax), making it suitable only for more established online English teachers who are earning well.

Find out more about Estonia’s digital nomad visa

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Capital city : Reykjavik
Digital nomad requirements : Earnings of 1,000,000 ISK (£5,600 / $7,700) per month

If you’re a fan of the Aurora Borealis, unbelievably friendly locals, bracing weather and a musical culture responsible for Bjork, Sigur Rós and more, then Iceland is an incredible spot to live and work in. Underrated for so long, adventurous tourists and expats have began to discover just how biodiverse, stunning and fun Iceland is.

High-earning nomads from outside the EU can live and work in Iceland for up to a year with a long-term remote work visa. You need to be earning 1,000,000 ISK (£5,600 / $7,700), well above the average earnings of most online English teachers, but the option is there if you start bringing in that sort of sum! 

Learn more about Iceland’s long-term remote work visa


Capital city : Lisbon
Digital nomad requirements : Income of €635 (£530 / $730) a month

The Westernmost country in Europe; think music, passion, football, unbelievable weather and cities that just ooze culture when you think of Portugal . Extremely receptive to tourists and language learning, Portugal’s economic recovery of recent years has seen more and more people move over to live the Iberian lifestyle.

If the financial requirements of the last two countries made you wince, you’ll be relieved to hear that Portugal only asks that you provide evidence of earning €635 (£530 / $730) a month. The temporary stay visa allows digital nomads to stay for up to a year but can be renewed afterwards, for two-year periods. 

Find out more about visas in Portugal


Capital city : Tbilisi 
Digital nomad requirements : N/A

Just to headline how welcome Georgia is: if you’re a citizen from one of 98 nation-states, you can move there without a visa for a year, with 50 other countries covered by very minor visa legislation. Combine that with a low cost of living, a thriving working hub in the form of Tbilisi, and you’ve got a winning combination. 

Essentially, Georgia really wants you to visit. Having suffered huge losses with the collapse of tourism during the pandemic, the country is trying to entice people to come and boost its economy with its new digital nomad visa. Remotely from Georgia was launched in August 2021 to allow nomads to travel to the country and work remotely.


Capital city : Berlin
Digital nomad requirements : German address, a career in “liberal professions”, medical insurance

Perhaps the centre of European economics, history and culture, it’s hard to compare Germany with anywhere else in the world. From music to philosophy, through to modern engineering and its robust economy, there’s something to enjoy for everyone in Germany. Wonderfully receptive to guests from around the world, there’s plenty of reason to move to Deutschland to explore your options as a freelancer.

Germany’s freelance visa ( Aufenthaltserlaubnis für selbständige Tätigkeit or Freiberufler visa) allows nomads to stay, initially, for 3 months but can be extended for up to 3 years. You have to apply at the local tax office, which will determine whether or not you qualify. Be prepared to navigate German bureaucracy! 

Find out more here .

The rest of the world


Capital city : Jakarta
Digital nomad requirements : £1,575/$2,000 in a bank account, evidence of income

One of the hottest locales for digital nomads, the reputation and excitement around Indonesia , specifically Bali, has seen a wave of ex-pats and talented remote workers welcomed to its shores. From the ancient temples of Borobudur and Prambanan to its incredible natural landscape, Indonesia is a fantastic place to visit, let alone live and work.

Bali is a new haven for freelance professionals, with incredible incentives for talented workers. As long as your income comes from outside the country you’ll pay zero tax in Indonesia. 

Find out more here!


Capital city : Bangkok
Digital nomad requirements : Depends on visa

There’s a reason millions of people visit Thailand every year. Vibrant, colourful, sometimes loud and never dull, cities like Bangkok are the toast of Southeast Asia. Outside of the cities, though, make room on your schedule for lush beaches, unbelievable Buddhist temples and wild, lesser-explored areas of staggering beauty.

If you’re interested in working in Thailand remotely, good news! You can work for up to 10 years without a visa as a Long-Term Resident. However, you need to meet a range of conditions, outlined here.

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Capital city : Abu Dhabi
Digital nomad requirements : $5,000/£3,600 monthly income

An economic powerhouse, the United Arab Emirates offers fantastic incentives for talented remote workers. In a country where people don’t pay income tax, salaries are typically high for skilled workers, and its metropolises are filled with futuristic attractions and luxury accommodations.

Dubai offers digital nomads a 1-year visa under its virtual working programme. Unsurprisingly, given its high living costs, the salary requirements for nomads are set high. You need to be earning at least $5,000 (£3,600) a month to be eligible for the programme.

Find out more about working remotely in Dubai .

Costa Rica

Capital city : San José
Digital nomad requirements : $3,000/£2,100 monthly income

If you prefer something a bit more tropical, Costa Rica has emerged as an explorer’s paradise in recent years. With low English proficiency, but unbridled enthusiasm, the TEFL teacher can certainly make a living there, whether remotely or in the local schooling system.

Costa Rica has recently announced their digital nomad visa, which will allow remote workers to stay in the country for up to a year, with the option of renewal for an additional year. You’ll need to provide proof of earnings of at least $3,000 (£2,100) a month and have medical insurance to cover the length of your stay. Keep an eye out for applications opening. 


Capital city : Bridgetown
Digital nomad requirements : Annual income of $50,000/£36,000

From Latin America to the Caribbean now; if island life has always inspired you, and you want to continue the working path you’re on, then Barbados is welcoming digital nomads from all over the world. Expect music, colour, dancing and breathtaking beaches, with summer festivals like Holders Season and Crop Over proving real highlights on the cultural calendar.

Nomads can work in Barbados under the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp programme. The application fee alone is pricey, though, at $2,000 and you’ll need to provide proof of annual income of $50,000 (£36,000).

Find out more about the Barbados Welcome Stamp programme


Capital : Mexico City
Digital nomad requirements : N/A

Or, how do palm-fringed beaches, ancient ruins, vibrant coral reefs, traditional festivals and, of course, authentic Mexican cuisine sound?

Mexico doesn’t offer a specific digital nomad visa, but nomads wishing to stay more than 180 days can take advantage of the temporary resident visa. You’ll need to prove you earn at least $2,000 (£1,450) a month and that your work is entirely outside of Mexico.

Find out more here .

Digital nomadism: a worldwide opportunity

The list of countries receptive to digital nomads is ever-growing. As we move towards a fully globalised economy, and change our understanding of how work can and should be done, expect to see more and more people move around while maintaining and nurturing a career.

You could be next, whether it’s in a Tallinn sauna or a Bridgetown bar. The world is opening up to a change in attitudes, and digital nomadism is on the rise.

What’s stopping you?

Want to work across the world as a TEFL teacher and digital nomad? The first step is certification; check out our top-of-the-range TEFL courses here !

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