How can you find a TEFL job with no teaching experience?

“Can I find a TEFL Job Without Teaching Experience?”

It’s one of the most common questions that we are asked by prospective students looking to complete the course and teach English overseas. Previous experience is not required to complete the course so don’t be worried! We’ve compiled a few hints and tips below for our newly qualified teachers looking to start their first TEFL adventure.

How to Find a TEFL Job without teaching experience

Here at TEFL Org, we work with some of the biggest schools and English language providers in the world to provide a database of jobs to our graduates. We update our TEFL Jobs Center every week with news and exciting positions. We spoke to some employers about what makes a great EFL teacher. They told us that they are looking for teachers who are passionate, confident and enthusiastic. Teaching experience is good but not the first thing they look for.

What Employers are looking for:

Transferable skills

Experience working with children can be advantageous when applying for jobs with certain employers, particularly summer camps. This can come in a variety of forms – perhaps you helped coach a soccer team or assisted with dance classes. If you can show employers that you have the skills and confidence to work with young learners you will, more than likely, be considered for the job.

Experience living abroad

Moving to a different country can be daunting – especially if you don’t speak the local language. Employers will want to make sure that any teacher they employ can adapt to live there and isn’t like to get homesick and return home. Did you take part in a foreign study program at High School? Maybe you volunteered overseas during college?  Make sure you put all relevant international experience on your resume.


To make yourself eligible to apply for these jobs, you will need to have your TEFL certificate completed. Most jobs will require you to have at least 120 hours of training with an accredited TEFL course provider such as TEFL Org. TEFL courses are measured in hours and the more hours you study then the stronger your chances of finding work are! If you haven’t taught before, you will be more likely to find work with a 140-hour Premier TEFL course than a 20-hour TEFL course.


Alongside your TEFL certificate, why not take a look at our Advanced Courses? These specialist courses range in subjects from Business English to Teaching Young Learners. These are a fantastic way to make you stand out to employers when you apply for jobs.


If you would like to try and gain some experience before you apply for your first paid job, why not have a look at volunteering? It will definitely increase your employability and it will also make you more confident before you step into the classroom on your first teaching job. We regularly have voluntary positions advertised on our TEFL Jobs Center but you could also research local language schools in your area as well.

How TEFL Org can help find you a job

We update our TEFL Jobs Center every day with new and exciting positions. When you enroll on a course with TEFL Org, you will be granted lifetime access to it and we are also more than happy to provide resume support as well.

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