ColombiaColombia is an equatorial country based in the north-west of South America, with coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Not only is it home to a diverse range of welcoming peoples and culture, but also a landscape that spans the Caribbean basin, dense jungle and the majestic Andes. From gorgeous pristine beaches and ancient ruins to coffee plantations and buzzing cities, Colombia is a place with plenty to offer English teachers.

Colombia’s increasing trade with the west, particularly with exports of oil, coal, coffee and bananas, had led to a growth in the number of English speakers needed.  This means that there is always a need for English teachers in Colombia.

Our blog has more information about teaching English in Colombia, give it a read before you decide whether Colombia is the place you want to teach!

Colombia is an exciting place, and if you would like to teach there, check out some the jobs you could apply for below.  Not got your TEFL Org qualification yet?  Enrol on one of our accredited TEFL courses today!

Unfortunately we don't currently have any jobs available in Colombia. Our job centre is updated daily so check back soon!

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