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Course Benefits:

  • Travel with a writer’s eye for stories.
  • Introduce colourful characters into your travel tales, and understand the rules and common practices for handling quotes and writing dialogue.
  • Write dialogue that sounds natural and believable.
  • Discover easy and comfortable ways to connect with people when you travel (even if you’re an introvert) — because doing so leads you into richer, “story-worthy” experiences.
  • Know what *not* to include in your stories, and pace your action to maintain reader interest throughout.
  • Obliterate travel writing clichés to create original tales that are truly your own.
  • Learn the two big mistakes that keep beginning freelance writers from getting published — and discover easy ways to avoid those mistakes.
  • Understand the different methods for pitching stories to editors, and know what your best strategies are, even if you are just starting out.
  • Publish your travel tales in blogs, newspapers, magazines, and books.
  • Understand the critical differences between travel journaling and writing travel tales for others to read.
  • Weave together the various elements that create a great travel tale- the setting, people, events and unique emotions we encounter on the road.

“Lots of people dream of becoming great travel writers. This course will help you fulfill that dream.”

If you have dreams of becoming a travel writer – whether it’s so you can publish your work professionally, create a popular personal travel blog, or just write about your travels for the fun of it – this course by acclaimed writer Dave Fox can help you achieve your goals.

Follow these lessons, and you are guaranteed to see an immediate improvement in your writing. You’ll learn skills you can start using right away – and skills that will evolve and get even better over time as you keep writing. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the techniques professional writers use to write captivating travel essays, and you’ll discover your own, unique writing voice.

Some Topics covered include:

  • Transforming your “rough-draft” travel diaries into compelling personal travel essays with attention-grabbing beginnings, streamlined middles, and meaningful endings – and why you must follow a very different writing style from your “on-the-road” journals when you write travel tales for others to read.
  • Getting started in travel blogging.
  • Pitching and selling your articles to newspapers, magazines, and anthology books. (Thousands of newspapers and magazines pay freelance writers more for a single story than you’ll pay for this workshop!)

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who wants to break into freelance travel writing – beginning and intermediate travel writers, as well as advanced writers in other genres who want to expand their repertoire.
  • Bloggers
  • Storytellers
  • Aspiring authors
  • Local adventurers and world explorers

What are the requirements?

  • The desire to become a better writer, and to share stories of your travels — to places close to home or far away.
  • A love for writing … even though it might drive you crazy sometimes.
  • A decent command of the English language. (But you don’t have to be a native speaker, as long as you get what’s going on!)

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