Who Does Our Courses?

Teaching English abroad is available to everyone!

In our combined experience of over 25 years of teaching and teacher training we have discovered that TEFL teachers come from a range of educational and professional backgrounds.

TEFL teachers are not just English graduates or travellers, but everyone from bricklayers to retired bank managers. What they have in common is that they are all English speakers with a desire to do something different with their lives, travel and make a difference to the education of students across the globe.

Don’t just take our word for it, find out what are our graduates are saying and then book a TEFL course to start the journey yourself!

Which one are you?

Career change

You’re fed up with your current job and want to escape, you love to travel, but can’t afford to go abroad for anything more than a two-week holiday. You want to try something different, something that doesn’t involve the same amount of stress and has a lot more job satisfaction.

Career breaker

You also want to get away and experience something different, but you want the option to return to your current job. Teaching English is something handy for your CV as you will be able to add presentation and communication skills to it, and short-term vacancies mean this is an option year-round!

Gap year

You have graduated from university (or left secondary school) but don’t want to go straight into a career, instead you want to take some time out and go and see a bit of the world. Of course, funding a gap-year can be difficult – so why not earn a wage whilst you travel and teach English?

Career finisher

You are retired and feel you want to do something new and exciting. Perhaps you want to travel or contribute to a local or foreign community by helping students to learn English. Either way you are looking for something more fulfilling, and TEFL could be the answer!


You want to live abroad but you need a way of financing this. You may be looking to teach full-time in a school or maybe just take a few private lessons. TEFL is a great option for those situated abroad, and once qualified there will be a range of jobs available.

Community builder

You aren’t too bothered about travel but you really want to get stuck into some teaching or volunteering. Your local community in the UK needs people like you to help integrate the migrant population by teaching them English! A TEFL qualification is perfect in preparing you for this.

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