Which TEFL Course is for Me?

We offer a range of accredited TEFL courses and packages to suit everyone. All of our courses are accredited, taught by experienced, knowledgeable and helpful tutors, and will give you the qualification you need to start teaching English abroad.

Unsure of which TEFL Org course is right for you?

See the guide below for advice on the most common dilemmas.

First-time teacher?

We suggest that students without previous teaching experience take one of our recommended packages, which give you all you need to step into a classroom with confidence. You’ll get a detailed grounding in the TEFL method, important grammar lessons and the chance to observe TEFL teachers in the classroom through our video lessons.

Classroom TEFL course or online TEFL course?

Classroom courses offer a great introduction to teaching and the practice lessons are very valuable, but not everyone can fit it into their schedule. If you can’t make it to a classroom TEFL course, the online course will give you everything you need to get started teaching. With extra time available, the online course goes into greater depth on the methodology of TEFL teaching, with the social side of the course provided by student forums so you still have fellow TEFLers to talk to! Many people choose to combine both courses to make sure they get the best of both worlds.

Weekend TEFL course or Weekday TEFL course?

Weekday and weekend TEFL courses are very similar in content. The only difference is that the 30-hour Weekday TEFL Course includes an extra teaching practice and a handy module on teaching young learners. Choose whichever fits your schedule best!

What’s the benefit of the recommended packages?

The more hours of TEFL training you do, the more confident you will feel in your teaching abilities and the more attractive you will be to TEFL employers. Some jobs require a minimum level of training, usually 120 hours. Our recommended packages also offer the best value for money, with savings of up to £187!

Should I do the grammar course?

The Grammar and Language Awareness Course is highly recommended for all TEFL teachers. Fluent English speakers use grammar everyday but often get stumped trying to explain the rules to someone else! You need a good grasp of the terminology and syntax to teach English properly.

If you take the grammar course alongside a classroom or online TEFL course, it costs only £30 more.

Find out more: 30-Hour Online Grammar Course

Still not sure what to go for?

Get in touch with a TEFL expert by phoning 01349 800 600 or e-mailing info@tefl.org – we’d be delighted to help you start your TEFL career.