Where to Find TEFL Jobs

The next step after getting TEFL qualified is obviously to find a TEFL job – but where exactly do you find them?

When you Google “TEFL jobs” you’ll get around 20 million results, which might feel a bit overwhelming. Where do you even start? Where can you find the best TEFL jobs? And what websites can you trust?

If you know the right places to look then finding a teaching job that matches what you’re looking for is a whole lot easier. So, to help you on your way, we’ve compiled a list of jobs boards where you can find teaching jobs all over the world, as well as online!

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TEFL jobs abroad

At any given time you can find thousands of teaching jobs abroad advertised online. The demand for qualified EFL teachers worldwide is huge.

But the jobs you find online don’t paint a full picture of what’s out there. For example, when it comes to finding work in South America you won’t find a huge number of jobs advertised online. It’s much more common for teachers to find work on the ground. The same is true in parts of Europe, particularly in countries with more competitive markets where they prefer to hire teachers already residing in the country.

If you’re aiming to teach in a country where it’s rare for positions to be advertised online here are a couple of tips:

  • Check if the country has a Yellow Pages and search for language schools to contact directly.
  • Search online and on Facebook for expat groups in that country. These can be a great place to get advice and hear about jobs going.
  • Hand in your CV to schools directly in person.

Below you’ll find a number of great jobs boards where you can find TEFL jobs abroad. We’ve also listed some region-specific boards as well for those of you who have your heart set on a particular destination!


The TEFL Org Jobs Centre
English Club
ESL Base
ESL Jobs World
TEFL Jobs World
ESL Jobs
The Guardian


Dave’s ESL cafe – for jobs worldwide, but has dedicated boards for China and South Korea
Asia Teaching Jobs – for jobs across Asia
Ajarn – for jobs in Thailand
GaijinPot – for jobs in Japan
ChinaESLjob – for jobs in China
ESLROK – for jobs in South Korea
TNH – for jobs in Vietnam
Tealit – for jobs in Taiwan
cpjobs – for jobs in Hong Kong

Central & South America

ESL Job feed – for jobs across South America
Jobs Abroad Bulletin – for jobs across South America
Teachers Latin America – for jobs across Latin America
Empregos – for jobs in Brazil (note: site in Portuguese)


TESOL France – for jobs in France (note: membership fee required)
Lingobongo – for jobs in Madrid, Barcelona, and Berlin
GoYellow – for a list of language schools in Germany (note: site in German)
Madrid Teacher – for jobs in Madrid
Etas – for jobs in Switzerland
Expats CZ – for jobs in the Czech Republic

See our Definitive Guide to Teaching English Abroad for everything you need to know about TEFL abroad.

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Online TEFL jobs

The online teaching industry has been rapidly growing for years, with new companies appearing all the time. You can find online teaching jobs by searching through jobs boards like those below, or you can search for lists or directories of online companies – like this one.

The TEFL Org Jobs Centre
ESL Authority

For more information about how to become an online English teacher take a look at our Definitive Guide to Teaching English Online.

Keep safe when applying for jobs

Any reputable jobs board will do their best to ensure that the adverts posted are legitimate, however, there are scam adverts out there and it’s important to always be cautious. It’s a sad truth that there are people out there who try to take advantage of EFL teachers looking for work both abroad and online, so before you start your job search you should make sure you know how to spot such scams. We put together a handy guide for avoiding TEFL scams and bad employers, which is essential reading at the beginning of your TEFL journey.

Useful links for jobseekers

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