Where to Find TEFL Jobs

So, you’re now TEFL qualified (or working towards it) and ready to start applying for TEFL jobs – but where do you look to find yourself that first teaching position?

With such a huge demand worldwide for EFL teachers you can find thousands of TEFL jobs advertised online if you know where to look. We’ve put together a list of some great jobs boards to help you find that first teaching job!


TEFL Jobs Centre – If you’ve taken a course with us then you can log in and apply for the positions listed in our TEFL Jobs Centre. It’s updated regularly and you can follow us on Twitter for updates on new positions every single day. If you haven’t taken a course with us then you can always apply for our Recommended Jobs.

Dave’s ESL Cafe – Launched in 1995 by Dave Sperling, Dave’s ESL Cafe is one of the biggest and most popular jobs boards for TEFL jobs. There are three boards – Korea, China, and International.

TEFL.com – TEFL.com has been going since 1997 and, like Dave’s ESL Café, is one of the biggest jobs boards on the web. You’ll find positions all over the world and the site is updated daily with new positions.

Ajarn – If Thailand is your destination of choice then Ajarn advertises a huge amount of jobs across the country. You can very usefully search by province so if you’re keen to work in a specific part of the country you can easily narrow your search.

Lingo Bongo – if you’re looking for work in Madrid, Barcelona, or Berlin then Lingo Bongo is a great place to find jobs listings. For a small fee (10€) they’ll send out your CV to a large list of reputable schools in your chosen city, saving you a lot of time!


Other boards:

For online teaching jobs:

Any reputable jobs board will do their best to ensure that the adverts posted are legitimate, however, there are scam adverts out there and it’s important to always be cautious. We have some information about how to avoid being scammed when you’re applying for TEFL jobs.

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  1. Hi there I’m looking for jobs in Cambodia, I am a non degree holder however I do have a teaching qualification with 2 years teaching experience and I’m studying towards my tefl

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