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Teaching English in Spain is a favourite destination for our graduates, and many start their TEFL adventure, living and teaching English in Spain. Find jobs in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and more!

Spain’s TEFL market is simply unrivalled in Europe . Even teachers earning at the lower end of the pay scale are able to enjoy what this vibrant country has to offer!

With such a high demand for EFL teachers there are plenty of entry-level positions to be found in Spain. Many teachers find work within state schools through programmes such as Meddeas , or in language schools across the country - of which there are many, even in small towns. But there are also short contracts to be found working for summer schools, which are a great way of dipping your toes in the world of TEFL and opportunities in more niche areas such as Business English.

It’s little wonder it’s such a wildly popular destination with EFL teachers considering how easy it is to find work - that is, if you have the right to work within the country. Teachers from outside of the EU will find it tricky to legally work in Spain, but will commonly obtain a student visa, which allows them to teach. As with any country it’s essential to understand the visa requirements before making any plans.

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Where to find work in Spain

There’s plenty of work in Spain to be found year-round for teachers in language schools, state schools, private tutoring, and at summer camps. Many teachers working for schools will also tutor alongside this, on average making around 10 to 25 euros an hour depending on location and experience. Schools prefer to hire locally, so the best way to find work is to be in Spain – sending prospective emails from abroad is certainly a more difficult way of securing work.

You don’t need a degree to teach English in Spain but having one makes it much easier to pick up work. You need to have a resident permit and a foreigner ID number (NIE) to live and work in Spain. If you’re from outside the EU it’s very difficult to legally work teaching English in Spain, as employers can only sponsor a visa if an EU citizen can’t fill the position. An option for non-EU citizens is to enter the country on a student visa, which allows you to work for a limited number of hours per week.

Employers in Spain

One of the only exceptions for non-EU citizens looking for work is the NALCA program  (North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain), employing around 2,500 Americans and Canadians as classroom assistants. Contracts are October to May, €700-€1,000 per month, a degree and Spanish knowledge are necessary.

Spainwise  lists numerous jobs across Spain, and the website also has details about the TEFL Jobs Fair held in mid-May in Córdoba and then Bilbao – FECEI schools from across Spain have stands where they can meet potential employees face-to-face, hiring for the next academic year.

On the The Meddeas Program  you’ll teach 20-24 hours a week to kids from 2 to 18 years, earn €880-1,162 per month, get assistance with housing and healthcare included.

Check out our jobs board  for positions in Spain – summer jobs, temporary, part-time and full-time positions.

Up International Education  provides positions for recent graduates under 30 years old who have a teacher training certificate but no experience. The apprenticeship is 8-months long.

English YA  sources native speaking volunteers to provide English conversation and activities in exchange for accommodation and meals – a great experience for newbie teachers.

The Yellow Pages  is a great source for finding English language schools, just search ‘Academias de Idiomas’.

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