TEFLing Without a Degree

3 May 2013

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a great opportunity to travel the world and broaden your horizons. All you need to complete a TEFL course is the ability to speak English at a native level! Anyone can do it!

The next step is to decide where you want to go to teach with your certificate. This is where it can get difficult; some countries want you to have a Bachelor’s degree in addition to the TEFL certificate and it can leave you feeling a bit restricted.  Don’t worry; there are many countries around the world still open to you! Head straight over to the TEFL Job Centre to get started on your job-search or read on for some idea of countries hiring teachers without degrees.


Usually you will need a degree to work in China but often a job will crop up that doesn’t need one. The demand there for English teachers is very high so they will always want more. Sometimes employers are willing to give a job to a teacher if they don’t have a degree but do have a lot of classroom experience. Search around and you will eventually find a job to suit you!


This wonderful South-American country is desperate for English teachers. The people are always friendly and ready to work. Most children have the access to some form of English in a classroom but have little opportunity to practice with a native speaker, especially after reaching adulthood.


Spain is always on the lookout for TEFL teachers. Whether it is in a kindergarten or a language school for adults, you will always be able to find a decent job with a class that suits you. Jobs in Spain can vary in location as well. Whether you want to be by the beach, in the middle of a city or in a tiny town in the middle of no-where, you will be able to find a job to suit you.


Volunteering is a great way to TEFL. You may even receive a small stipend in your position. Voluntary positions are available all over the world and it shouldn’t take long to find one you like the look of. They are a fantastic way to travel and help people who otherwise might not have access to the English language. And of course, by volunteering, you are building classroom experience which will be beneficiary in any future TEFL jobs you apply for!

What are you waiting for? Get TEFL-qualified today!

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