Who TEFLs? – University Students

24 July 2012

What do you plan to do when you graduate?

This is an often asked question which university students try and avoid. Jobs in the UK are increasingly rare and difficult to secure but the demand for TEFL teachers abroad is huge! All you need is an accredited TEFL course and you can set off nearly anywhere in the world and get paid to teach English as a foreign language.   TEFL is a great way to travel, gain international work experience and have the time of your life while getting paid. You don’t need to speak a foreign language, or have a background in teaching – all you need is an official TEFL Org certificate. Find out why we think university is a perfect time to take an accredited TEFL course.

Get away, straight away!

Why wait until you graduate to book on to a TEFL course. If complete your accredited TEFL course while you are at university you will be all set to go straight after you graduate. You can apply for TEFL jobs through our TEFL Jobs Centre. You can be teaching English abroad in a matter of a few weeks after you receive your official TEFL Org UK certificate.

You’re already in the learning mode

There’s probably not better time for you to take an accredited TEFL course than while you are already in the mode of studying for university. It takes people on average 8-12 weeks to complete their online TEFLcourse, but you can complete it in a lot less time if you put the work in. Find out more: TEFL Course Options

Opportunities to gain teaching experience

Universities are great place to pick up a bit of teaching English practice with your official TEFL Org UK certificate. While you don’t need any previous teaching experience to land a job overseas, it certainly will help when it comes to apply for TEFL jobs. Qualified TEFL graduates often find work helping firs-year international students with their language skills. This is a great opportunity for you to put the skills you learnt on your TEFL course into practice.

Remember that students and recent university graduates are eligible for our 20% discount!

Book a course with TEFL Org today to get on course for a life-changing TEFL job abroad!

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